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You gotta see what happens when this woman kicks snow in a cat's face. It doesn't end well for her.

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dude i beat the shit out of cats whenever i see them on the street and ter not once got attacked back i mean just grab em by the tail and repeatedly hit them on the floor head first holding the tail,, BE AWARE that it take about 5-10 minutes of serious choking or hitting hard before its dead they acutally can get up in 10 minutes like this one cat but it didnt get far had to snap the neck cause after another 20 minutes of kicking it i was way to tiered and did a knee to the head that was soo cool it was crunchy sound!!


I'm sure there's more to this than what you see in the clip. The cat is trying to get into the yard to stir up shit. Probably has been in the trash and causing all kinds of problems. Spay/neuter your pets dammit.


That f---ing woman needs a baseball bat to the back of the head. And I would love to do it. She probably mistreats her dog


If the kitty had threatened her or the dog or made the first move, she is entitled to protect herself and her pet. This poor cat did not do a thing, she REPEATEDLY kicked snow on the cat. Note that the cat did not attack the first few times she kicked snow on, If I were the cat, I would have gone for the throat. She is VERY LUCKY to get off with this an attack on the face. The cat just wanted her to leave it alone. Poor kitty. I really wish cats especially stray and ferals are not so misunderstood. Apparently, she did not care for the dog either. She left the dog behind. And on top of that someone was capturing this all on the camera which indicates her antics and actions were planned and pre-meditated. What she did was ABUSE period. The cat showed a lot of restraint......until it snapped....

@ Roopa

I agree!!!!!


Too bad she didn't crack her head open. Stupid cow! Hope the cat scratched her, and she gets a nice staph infection!


who cares?
well, the dog for sure.


wow, I don't really have any sympathy for her. The cat protected itself


That fucking bitch got what she deserved. Let me find this woman in real life, I will piss on her just to make a point.

@ Billy

STF up Billy, I would have saved your sorry ass from that cat and gone and got my gun and done it right. The only good cat is a dead one

@ Billy's Husband

We should have aborted you

@ Billy's Husband

People like you look funny when you go down after being hit in the knee with a collapsible baton!


That bitch of a woman deserved being mauled. The cat was not on her porch, where said dog that she was trying to protect was behind the fence. If I had been therei would have done worse. Called animal protective services or SPCA depending on location. If she abuses homeless and helpless animals,what does she do to her pets?


Cat wasn't even in her yard ! I would attack too if someone did this . GOOD KITTY