16 Wild and Crazy Examples of When Animals Attack

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Look out! Animals sometimes go on the attack.

And it's best to keep your distance when this takes place.

1. Whale Hits Girl in the Face

A girl gets slapped in the face by a whale in this video. Seriously! Watch now.

2. Sperm Whale Explodes

You have to see this graphic video of a sperm whale exploding. It died of natural causes before this.

3. Cat Attacks Woman in Snow

You gotta see what happens when this woman kicks snow in a cat's face. It doesn't end well for her.

4. Rabbits SWARM Young Girl in Japan

Welcome to Rabbit Island, readers. Seriously. Look at this video.

5. Decapitated Snake Head Bites Own Body!!!

THIS IS AMAZING! Watch the video above to see the decapitated head of a snake bite its own body. For real!

6. Woman Stabs Husband With Squirrel

A woman has been arrested for stabbing her husband with a deadly squirrel. For real.

7. Giraffe Fed to Lions in Copenhagen

A Danish zoo killed one of its young giraffes because of laws prohibiting inbreeding. He was killed in front of the public, then fed to carnivores.

8. Sunny Obama Takes Down Toddler

Sunny Obama, the First Family's Portuguese Water Dog, knocked over a toddler at a White House Holiday function.

9. Spiders in Banana

This video will make you never eat a banana again. You're welcome. Don't say we never did anything for you.

10. Jaguar Attacks Caiman

A jaguar attacks a caiman in this video. It's pretty cool and gnarly stuff. Watch now!

11. Baboon Fondles Reporter

This baboon and this reporter may need to get a room. Watch the former cop a feel of the latter, live on air, during this hilarious video.

12. Eagle Attacking Deer: See the Photo!

An eagle has been photographed attacking a deer. Check out the image here!

13. Raccoon Breaks Into Police Station

A raccoon breaks into a police station in this video. And the officers have a hard time getting him to leave.

14. Baby Goats Fighting

This is rather adorable. It's a video of two baby goats, seemingly fighting for the first time.

15. Python Eats Antelope: WHOA!

WHOA! Check out these stills of a python eating an antelope. Amazing stuff.

16. Swan Attacks Selfie Snapper

What happens when you try to take a selfie in front of a swan? For this man and this swan... this happens!

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