Justin Bieber Sobriety Test: Does He Look Drunk?

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Footage of Justin Bieber stumbling around after his DUI arrest last month has surfaced online.

Well... sort of stumbling around.

The following video depicts Bieber taking a sobriety test while inside a Miami jail and law enforcement sources tell TMZ that it's the best proof they have of Bieber being drunk because he suffers a couple missteps while trying to walk a straight line.

But does he really come across all that wasted to you? Watch now and decide:

According to insiders, Bieber turned down a plea deal this week and this video may help explain why.

The singer's lawyers don't believe prosecutors have a strong case against their client and seem confident that Justin could win a trial.

It still might not come to that, however. It's possible that a different plea bargain is reached, one that does not require Bieber to submit to random drug testing.

This is the second video released, meanwhile, of Justin after his arrest.

Check out footage of him getting patted down now - and try not to get too jealous of the officer doing the patting, ladies.


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