Justin Bieber Drug Paraphernalia, Jars of Weed Found in Home Raid

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Justin Bieber is off snowboarding with friends and ain't worried about nothin, according on a series of new Instagram photos and videos.

But perhaps the singer should be at least a tad afraid of what the authorities found inside his Calabasas mansion last Tuesday.

As previously documented, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies executed a search warrant at Justin's home in an attempt to find evidence that would prove he egged his neighbor's residence a few days earlier.

Good friend and occasional Bieber housemate Lil Za was subsequently arrested for drug possession because cops found a white powder he claimed to be his.

But that was merely the tip of the illicit substance iceberg, insiders tell TMZ.

The police allegedly found all kinds of drug paraphernalia inside Bieber's house, from cookie jars filled with weed… to empty codeine bottles… to multiple bongs… to styrofoam cups with drawings on them.

The latter are suspected to have been used for Sizzurp, Justin's supposed drug of choice. The artist likes to use markers on his cups as he downs this dangerous drink.

Sources also claim Bieber has a separate room in his mansion dedicated to marijuana smoking. When deputies arrived, many of Justin's friends fled to that location and flushed stuff down the toilet.

So… why didn't the cops seize these items? Why isn't Bieber under arrest?

The police were mostly focused on their search for surveillance videos that could place Bieber at the scene of the egging crime. Moreover, the limits of their warrant prevented them from actually opening up jars of weed and/or digging into the drug scene in any thorough manner.

However, this doesn't mean cops can't return and do a drug sweep with another search warrant in the near future.

Those close to the superstar allege Bieber has a serious drug problem and would be best served if he checked into rehab. We cannot verify that report, but this update certainly isn't doing much to make us believe otherwise.

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You dont care you still love him ? His doing shits and you think that by doing that ur helping him ur not okay his fucken sick his out of his mind and ur helping him doing shit by supporting him. I loved him like hell but now his insane and he needs help. Totally !!!!!!


Turns out that this is story is just gossip, which is a polite way of saying that it is a pack of lies. The local sheriff says the only drugs and/or drug para found in Bieber's home was in the room of the arrested live-in. If fact, he said, except for that room, the place was squeaky clean.


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@ Isabella

Stele? wow, do you know what that word means?


I don't CARE I stele LOVE YOU!
I don't no


I don't CARE I stele LOVE YOU!

@ Isabella

Ur supporting him but u dont know that ur just making it worst cuz he thinks that what he does is normal but his crazy


A special marijuana room in his mansion?I'm jealous.I have to go out to my garage and smoke.


Deport the little bastard