Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills: The Worst People (and Show) Ever?

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Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills premiered on E! last night after Keeping Up With the Kardashians. And it was as bad as you think. Actually probably more so.

The series, inspired by the Rich Kids of Instagram (seriously), follows the exploits of some of Beverly Hills, California's most affluent and vapid humans.

Sobriety, money, morals and the future of America all go down the drain.

It's saying a lot when a show can make The Real Housewives of Atlanta seem down to earth, but the cast members of this one actually pull that off.

Perhaps it's E! trying to make Keeping Up with the Kardashians seem more wholesome by comparison? Either way, this is one abysmally terrible program.

There's voyeuristically watching the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and then there's this nonsense, which could actually make you scream and cry.

Perhaps the worst part about Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, besides being unoriginal (we've seen The Hills and The Bling Ring) is that the stars are in on it.

These people are morons. And totally unlikable. And in love with themselves.

They know they're on a reality show, they think they're hot $h!t for being on a reality show, and the finished product comes off as fake as they are.

Again ... Kim Kardashian seems totally unscripted and authentic now!

The following quote, one of many gems from the premiere, says it all:

“Have you ever partied so hard that you partied your eyebrows off?”

No, but we're about to go tear them off after sitting through this.

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