Justin Bieber Posts Snowboarding Selfies, Ain’t Worried About Nothin'

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His good friend has been arrested for drug possession.

He may face felony vandalism charges after hurling eggs at his neighbor's home and allegedly causing over $20,000 worth of damage.

And insider he should be in rehab due to a serious drug problem.

But Justin Bieber? He's doing just fine despite all this turmoil, thanks for asking.

The artist posted a couple selfless on Instagram today of him on a snowboarding trip "with the fellas." Check them out here and shake your head over Justin's attempt at a mustache:

Justin Bieber: New Selfie
Justin Bieber Snowboarding Selfie

Bieber also included a video of himself dancing to French Montana’s “Ain’t Worried About Nothin’.”

So we suppose that answers that question. Toggle through other memorable celebrity selfies now and sound off: SHOULD Justin Bieber be worried?


Seriously! Serious everything that Justin does means something wrong OMFG! No Leave him alone he doesn't give two flying shits about what you think like he's snowboarding and dancing to a song Wow that's so bad and wrong


Love Him he's so Perfect He was having a good time and I don't think has anything to worry about because he knows nothing is going to happen to him so Suck on that 😝 JUSTIN IS THE BEST IDOL AND I LOVE HIM FOR BEING MY IDOL SO PROUD OF BEING CALLED A BELIEBER


I love him so much! Look at him go.. At least we know he won't get in that much trouble that we thought My Idol so amazing ❤️


He made it on the most annoying celebrities http://theyseemetrollintheyhat...


be sorry for him, adolescents think this way.


Ain't worried about nothing? Such arrogance! When he is standing before an L.A. county judge charged with felony vandalism. And the judge is looking for remorse because he has to decide between jail time or probation and 500 hours community service, hope his tune changes.


He's my angle lol he's not a singer for nothing else but his music so swirv niqqa he does what he does 4 him not you haa I'm proud to to cal justin my idol he's here to bless not to impress❤❤

@ Love being apart of this famil

He's your ANGLE???? Go back to elementary school and learn to write and spell you fucking idiot. You are just part of the masses who worship this garbage. All of Bieber's fans are just as stupid and talentless as Bieber himself. He thought the Sistine Chapel was called the Sixteenth Chapel. What a fucking loser.


justin bieber is a young so you only live once sooooo what is your promble i for one love justin so don't mess him up.

@ KaylaVonWillingh

Rt justin is not perfect or horrible hes learning from his mistakes he can't do that with all this hate like fall back DANM give the young man space I love him I made a promise to always be with him and I'm keeping that promise he might change but his love for us will never change and if you want to leave cause his inmage or sound now then you were never a real belieber

@ Mee too

Ik real beliebers don't leave because he's going through a bad stage and it's not even his fault it's the media but I don't care I think if were here for him he'll pull through

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