Justin Bieber Search Warrant Issued, Police Raid Singer's Home

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Things are looking very bleak for Justin Bieber at the moment.

As we've documented over the past couple days, the singer almost definitely egged his neighbor's house last week, resulting in an ugly confrontation with the man that was caught on camera.

Reports indicate that Bieber caused over 20K in damages and may soon face felony charges as a result.

And now we can confirm that a search warrant has been granted to the Los Angels County Sheriff department in relation to the investigation.

Early this morning, ELEVEN patrol cars arrived at Bieber's Calabasas mansion and officers are looking for further evidence of the egging.

They are hoping to find surveillance footage from Bieber's own home, for example, that may have captured the food-based attack. They have already viewed the video recorded by the neighbor.

Why is this search especially dangerous for Justin? ANYTHING illicit authorities find is fair game… and we all know Bieber has a soft spot for the occasional marijuana use.

Bieber is actually being detained in his garage while cops look all around the premises. We'll update this story as news breaks… but you better Belieb the artist is in scalding hot water.

UPDATE: Lil Za has been arrested for cocaine possession due to drugs found inside Bieber's home.


What a punk. Police heing called for egging ok.but. when it's 20,000 dollars worth of damage that's a felony!!!. Little spoiled bitch send his ass yo prision and see how 'tuff'he is.


Spoiled selfish sense of entitlement attitude. That's what's wrong with this rich fool . I personally can't see what anybody sees in this rich brat .He can't sing he used to be cute but now I don't know what happened. He's a wreck. He needs to go to jail!!


I never liked the kid he really needs.help counseling big gimes


For those who think this raid stupid don't live in this kids neighborhood, where he has no respect for the lives or homes of others. This entitled brat hasn't the right to deface property and flaunt laws. About time he got called on his actions.


It's such a relief to know LAPD is on the job making all of our lives safer from vicious criminals like Justin Bieber, putting incidents like this as a priority by sending dozens of officers to tear apart this superstar's home in search of the deadly weapons used in this vicious attack. Here's some inside information: look "inside" the refrigerator. But beware! There's a good chance you may encounter its accomplice, Bacon. But rest assured, a job well done will insure a "breakfast-slam" dunk case with bacon & eggs, overly easy and well done. -Cheri Woods
Author, Death Row Madam: Exposing sex & drugs in the entertainment industry

@ Cheri+Woods

Tell you what, Cheri+ Woods, why don't you just pay those $20,000 in damages out of your own pocket, since it's apparently no big deal to you? Or why not let him move next door to you and cause that much damage to your own property? You poor, dumb ass. By the way, the word is ensure, not "insure." You can't even write a decent post, let alone an entire book!


The Bieb is acting out and someone needs to find out why. Looks to me like he needs an adult figure in his life to help him make the appropriate choices. Right now he is a train wreck!!!


Anyone seen the sales figures and ticket sales for the Biebs new album and film? Can you say "bomb"? Both of them. This guy is trying so hard to be Black...well now he may end up in a prison cell with a few of his Black brothers calling him their "little bitch." Good luck, Bieber. Your career is OVER!


Other computer sites say that cocaine was found laying out in the open. But one of Bieber's friends has taken the blame for it and been arrested. Pretty good friend, taking the blame. We all figured they would find weed, but surprised about the cocaine. Wonder if they will deport Bieb to Canada.

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