REPORT: Justin Bieber Hooked on Drugs, In Need of Rehab

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According to a new report, Justin Bieber may not simply be a spoiled, entitled, havoc-creating celebrity who throws eggs at his neighbor's home purely out of ego.

He may have a drug problem.

Well-connected insider tell TMZ that Bieber has serious substance abuse issues.

He allegedly uses sizzurp - a mix of codein, promethazine, Sprite and a Jolly Rancher on a frequent basis. This substance, popular in the hip hop world, has been known to cause seizures.

But that's not all.

Bieber also pops prescription pills, such as Xanax, and regularly gets drunk and smokes marijuana.

How bad are these problems? Those close to the artist have been pushing for him to attend rehab, though it doesn't appear as if Justin is listening.

A few days ago, good friend Lil Za was arrested for drug possession (likely Molly, a form of Ecstasy) and some believe Bieber paid off his pal to take the fall for him.

Bieber has remained silence ever since a video surfaced that appeared to verify he egged his neighbor's home. Police subsequently raided Justin's residence and are going through possible evidence that links him to the crime.

He may face felony vandalism charges.

UPDATE: Cops allegedly found a lot of drug stuff inside Bieber's home last week.


He needs new friends. I don't care if he says "they're the best friends in the entire world and they got my back". You need to move on from that crap, Justin, because obviously, they do nothing but get in you in trouble. What happened to his old friends? I'm pretty sure they just checked out because of his constant misbehavior and bad rep. He needs rehab, family, and just get back to a state of mind where he isn't going insane. Of course, other factors are involved: the amount of stress he's under, being a teenager, having too much money he doesn't know what to do with it, and not having stability. Where is his mother? She should be on him like a hawk. And his manager? Like all these people who say, "We take care of the kid." Doesn't look like it right about now because they should have been able to bring him out of this. Ban those stupid "friends" of his who are probably just using him to get more popular because they can't rap for shit. Take away the drugs. Put him some kind of probation with his money/partying/etc. And get him back on track!


To all justin fans on this thread..Hmmmmm.... by eating an alphabet soup, I could shit out a smarter statement than all of you :). It's sad to see fans like yourself, immersed in so much bullshit that it seems to have rendered your intellectual capacity to an equal level of an ant. The situation of your beloved media item, is that of a boy not a man with a weak heart and lots of money, my advice seek better role models and expand the tiny thing inside your skull :'D


Do you have friends I need to know:-) :-) :-)


How old are you because I'm 15


You are cute in this picture write me back is Selena pregnant is she yes or no


Not long ago Chris Brown was in the hospital for a seizure. When Bieber was in the hospital in London they thought he might have had a seizure too. And going back a couple years Biebs threw up on stage which is a symptom of a seizure. Plus coming out of clubs he has been pictured with lollipop in his mouth. They lace lollipops with codeine, pot, molly etc. Didn't he do a song named lollipop? Didn't they say one of his friends have what looked like Molly in his hands, Big Mike, whose nickname is MSDA and the guy was with some South American guy known for the amount of that drug he sells? Everything points to biebs abusing drugs.


Remember when everyone said this last year!!!then we all found out it wasn't true!!!yeah I'm a belieber for life and I believe he wouldn't do that!!!! Everyone is just trying to make him look bad!!!liers!!! Don't believe everything you read in magazines!!!!!!!!

@ Sam're just going to have to open your eyes a bit. He is still a human being that makes these awful choices like all other teenagers. Just because he has to be a "role model" doesn't mean he isn't going to act stupid during his young years. And it definitely was true since last year and maybe even before that; he has a problem and needs to get help...and some new friends.

@ Sam

Oh dear lord. " beiber wouldn't do that" im not laughing with lmao at u


First of all your story is wrong he is going to rehab because he has anger problems and Selena told him to go beacasue of his anger problems so u guys are so wrong so shut up if u doth know what you talking about


Get better role models. Go to jail. Get it together. His poor little fans are probably heartbroken....


He needs rehab and he needs better role models in his life. His manger and everyone close to him needs to persuade him into going into rehab to get better. His fans love him and he's setting a bad example. He needs stability and his family right about now.

@ TheGoodLife

I saw the video that the neighbor took on his cell phone you can see nothing. All you can see is his 13 year old daughter that he's yelling at to call the police and you can hear him spewing obscenities. If they had proof that Justin Bieber was there they wouldn't have gone to his house to take his surveillance camera and his iPhone. So unless there's something on those two things they won't have a case. The media tried to make little Za say that Justin made him the fall guy and the drugs are really his.Za admitted the drugs were his, and not Biebs. then the media has come out and said Bieber needs to go to rehab this is all rumor and gossip. I cannot believe that they sent eight cars and 12 cops for an egging what ridiculous waste of my tax money! this is all about the money.Why didn't the neighbor if he saw them egg his house go outside and hose it down? I think it's because he wants the money and he hates Justin. The media is full of lies and gossip and rumor and only time will tell the truth.I think all the hate and all the criticism and all the garbage that is coming out of the mouth of people is worse then the alleged egging. We are waiting on the D.A. for an egging. What a farce! Cut the kid some slack and wait for the truth. I cannot believe how much hate there is and from so many people it makes me sad.

@ ever01

Don't get on here and lie about YOUR tax dollars being wasted, when you most certainly do not pay taxes (or if you wish to maintain a lie that you are a tax-paying citizen, you most likely do not live in California). St any rate, there would clearly be a case against Justin, even for want of video evidence. It is extremely rare, the case that requires such video evidence to convict. There are two eye-witnesses to the crime, the family whose house was egged, or have you forgotten. And the reason he is being charged with a felony is because he caused damage to the house which exceeded a dollar limit, thus upping the charge to a felony. The particular siding on the house was of significant value, and was damaged by the eggs (and its not something which could be remedied merely by "hosing it down). In the future, do not come onto this site posting baseless assumptions without a firmer grasp of the facts. Where is your sympathy, by the way, for the poor family were the victims of Bieber's criminal act, and who likely have to put up with plenty of bullshit being stuck next to such a inconsiderate, arrogant jagoff like Bieber who thinks he is above the law.

@ SweetLifeBrah

I am neither brain deficient or a liar. I have a right to my opinion, just like anyone else here. I am probably older than you and I make more money and pay more taxes. Calfornia is my home state for the 57 yrs I have been on earth. Yes there would be a case without a video. But it becomes a he said verses she said argument. I am well aware of what the siding could cost. I am sure Justin has more than enough money to cover it. All im saying is this is blown up ridiculously and is a waste MY tax dollars. It could be well better spent on child molesters, serial rapists and the like. If he is guilty I am sure he will and should pay restitution. All I asked of your ignorance was to wait for the truth. How sad that you feel the need to belittle people you don't even know. Quit the hatred for everyone out there that has what you assume ,is another opinion than yours. Its a travesty on both sides as far as I am concerned. So
back off.

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