Paris Jackson HATES Justin Bieber, Says He Sucks as Role Model

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Paris Jackson is not a fan of Justin Bieber, and we're not just talking about "Beauty and a Beat." She says he's a terrible role model for his young fans.

Michael Jackson's troubled daughter totally HATES the Biebs, according to reports, because he wouldn't speak up about teen girls cutting themselves.

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Currently at UCLA Medical Center after cutting herself with a meat cleaver and OD'ing on 20 Motrin, Paris resents that Justin won't do more for young girls.

Justin's female fans often tweet about cutting themselves as a display of love for him, and rather than trying to talk them out of it ... crickets from JB.

Paris was also less than impressed by pics and video of Justin Bieber smoking weed in a hotel and thinks he's a "disgrace" who sets a bad example.

And last but not least, she lives in his Calabasas gated community and joins the growing chorus of celebs fed up with his dangerous driving actions.

She's not the first to play the role model card in criticizing Justin. Ian Somerhalder called him out last month over his monkey. So we gotta ask, THGers:

Is Justin Bieber a good role model?


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To sick his body guard on someone who took his picture when he jumped off a cliff shows he needs to go to jail for assault too. He's a punk. Drug addict. Looser.


Paris is 15 years old still some what a child, she cut herself because she probably suffers from depression and plus having to remember that your father, the previous king of pop is dead. Bieber is a bad rolemodel he's 18 and doing things he shouldn't be doing till he is 21. I could go off rambling and rambling about how much I dislike Bieber and disapprove of him as a role model but I would like to remind you people that she is a normal preteen/child that has depression possibly and you really can't get rid of depression cause one you have it,your stuck with it for life which will possibly cause suicidal I will ramble why Justin is a bad role model(beliebers before you go OMFG NO HE IS AN ANAZING HUMANBEING WITH THE VOICE OF AN ANGEL AND IS VERY KIND AND UR JUST UGLY just please don't reply anything) he is arrogant,snobby,is that good looking, his singing doesn't really that great and he be doing drugs. Lets recap you don't go to a holocaust museum and right something stupid like " I wish she was belieber",its like a someone going to your grave and saying "I wish they liked Miley Cyrus(don't get me wrong i do like Miley)".Now I hear he spit on his fans from the balcony and laughed I don't see how he still has fans. Bieber and drugs and alcohol HE IS UNDERAGE DRINKING THAT'S ILLEGAL. He is very annoying to be honest. Ps Swag means Secretly We Are Gay and not what you kids think today. How he dresses is horrible he looks like he is constantly wearing diapers that need changing. So Paris in many adults eyes is a better role model than Justin. But hey this is just my OPINION.


where in her comments does it say that she HATES him??????? geez! tabloids!


Paris u are a troubld lil girl...wat can u say about setting a good example??

@ trina Audrey

Um, Paris is not troubled. I live one hour from Biebers old house (Stafford) I new his friends. He was a HUGE bully. His mother had him as a teenager, his dad left him. Justin has millions of fans cutting themselves. Why? probably because If you have such a powerful mental obsession you break down when anything happeneds that is negative - they are psychologically weak. Justin is ignorant and a child like character. I support Paris 100 percent. He doesn't deserve his fans....

@ Kyra Lewis

Yes, I believe you...

@ trina Audrey

She's 15, but she's supposed to be a role model. I'm sorry. But I don't think that she has any fans doing crazy shit because they love her.


What Does She Mean She Aint A Good Role Model Either..



@ michaella+gilpin

Just because all the girl want his dick, doesn't mean that he want your pussy! Bitch.

@ michaella+gilpin

How old are you 12?
I'm not jealous of ignorance sweety.
He's just a dick.

@ michaella+gilpin

Do you teen girls have to say OMG before everything? It sounds so over-dramatic. Calm down! :)

@ TeeCee

sweetwowffffffffffffffffffff hhhhhhhhooohohooohoohhohohoohoohohohoohohoohohhoohohohohoohohohohooohohoh


Oh dear. She needs to shut her mouth, mind her own business and focus on her own issues...

@ Fola

.....Really? Mind her own business. She's trying to stop millions of girls from cutting. And you are telling her to mind her own fucking business?

Avatar not sure.


justin bieberXSelenagomezliek


szeretlek liek you JB LOVÉ