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Justin Bieber is smoking weed in this photos, as posted originally on TMZ. Do you have a problem with the act?

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i love justin


Justin bieber is mostly every young boys's/girl's role model. People who watch him make dumb decisions such as smoking weed and pot , doesnt make him a good person. After this I hope he losted most of his fans because im so dissappointed. He wrote a tweet , ''Its going to make me better''. NO! Your losing your fans. To be honest I use to be his biggest fan. But after what I have seen, I lost so much respect for this guy.


justin beaber is a kind of a foo for smoking


Who cares? Justin is 18 years old. He can make those types of decisions if he wants to. I love Justin Bieber and just because of smoking weed everyone is gonna turn on him? Bull shit. I love Justin no matter what. <3

@ Desiree Broadus

You are really dumb. He has done so many other bad things.


Why does he smoke it a stupid idea he's going to be ugly know

@ Georgia

Puh-lease. -_-


his black friend has no bad influence on him. JB is now a big boy and is suppose to know whats good for him .so if her decides to smoke weed thats his wish and no boby is to be blamed 4 that but 4 me i dont like the idea


ok u are a realy good singer but i love youu need to stop smoking ok


Justin is 18, im pretty sure he can make his own decisions. I guarantee nobody held him against his will and told him to smoke weed. He needs to grow up and stop hiding behind people and take responsibility for his actions.


If Justin starts smoking I won't like it but I like him no matter what


"Lil....whatever, the black dude" seriously?!?!?!?!?!?! who cares that Bieber has a black friend and smokes weed anyway???? and NO Biebs cant go back to Canada... fuck the 13 year old's parents!

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