Ian Somerhalder Calls Out Justin Bieber: Be a Role Model!

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Ian Somerhalder split with Nina Dobrev last week and then was accused of cheating on the actress.

But he took Twitter this weekend not to address that personal situation, but to call out Justin Bieber for a bit of monkey business.

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Bieber Abroad

With Bieber being asked to pay for his pet Mally - who was seized by German customs after Justin entered that country for a concert and is now in an animal shelter, her fate unknown - the beloved actor and animal enthusiast called out Bieber yesterday.

"@justinbieber i hope the welfare of this animal is a priority for you.Its on you to set a good example man," Somerhalder wrote.

So far, no response from Bieber and no word on what will happen to his monkey.

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation, meanwhile, was started in response to Hurricane Katrina and dedicates its resources to saving animals and the environment.

What do you think of Ian Tweeting to Justin in such a manner? And what did you think of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale? Crayz, huh?!?


Somerhalder should b*tch slap Bieber and tell him to quit trying to pose as bad boy - Real bad boys have intensity in their eyes, something Bieber tries to do with squinting but can't because he isn't truly a bad boy.


Ian human fantastic.!


I just think Justin needs all the help he can get.


Can you tell me were you stay I stay at 507 street


is that a chamber pot on his head?


just try to copy as much things as possible from a celebrity & so try to be one yourself.
if not successfull: START WORKING AT Wal Mart!!

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