Justin Bieber To "Take Some Time"

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Justin Bieber has sent out a cryptic, mysterious Tweet that has left fans wondering and worrying.

"Gonna take some time," the singer wrote this evening, adding nothing to the message and not updating his account since.

Justin Bieber Sings and Shouts

It's safe to assume, of course, that Bieber is reacting to the last night's reception at the Billboard Music Awards, where he was audibly booed while accepting a trophy.

The 19-year old appeared taken aback by the rude greeting, standing silently for a period of time before saying he deserved to be "taken seriously."

Justin also performed two songs at the event and was spotted kissing Selena Gomez backstage.

His apparent social media silence now comes after months of controversial actions, from pot smoking to speeding to arguing with his neighbor to taking his shirt off at random times.

Let's all hope the young man figures thing out and let's all give him the space he needs to do so.

(P.S. Come back soon, JB!!!)


...and by artist, I am assuming you mean 'squit'


Justin is all washed up a18. he can take all the time he wants cuz we don't care


nathen said he love you jb


what are you doing


hey baby


I think what he means is that it is going to take some time for him to finally reach puberty.
This guy is the worst. Even worse than the Disney manufactured boy bands of the early 2K's. For him to call himself an "artist" is an insult to anyone who ever did anything creative in their lives.
A song with the lyrics "baby, baby, baby, baby, etc" is not art. It is overproduced dribble. He is basically the record companies monkey, put him on stage, sing some uninteresting lyrics (don't forget to use ebonics in the lyrics to make people think that you are down with black people because I guess black people are cool or something) and then dance around until the preteen fans wet themselves.

@ Hellion

I am offended that you said those things, I was totally going to post that.... So, anyway, what he/she said ^^^


Justin sends a message to his fans. He tweets; ‘Gonna take some time!!’ Gonna take some time getting over Selena. He and Selena are done!!! It’s time to get rid of the Selena tat.


Simply put, the fans have spoken, and he heard them unfiltered.


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