Justin Bieber stirred up some controversy with his Milestone Award speech. Watch it here.

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    I think it so disrespectful the way they treated him. What did he really do? Nothing more than anyone else his age would do. He's just in the spotlight for doing it.


    Like we say here in my town, Estaba re duro! Which means, He is so fucked up with drugs..


    It's so sad that a cute young man started out so innocently and then
    let bad influences take over. His actions have disappointed so
    many young girls. Others he has shown it is alright to act like a
    spoiled brat.

    @ karen

    100% agree.


    He may be cute, but what an idiot, and does he have any idea how ridiculous his crotch looks with his pants down around his knees?

    @ JimmyT

    hes not cute u skunk bag he is a tratior

    @ JimmyT

    yahhhh he made mistakes, but dont we all, he is just a kid give him a break :( you wouldn't want people to talk bad about you if you were JB. like my mom told me if you dont have anything to say nice don't say it at all.

    @ Jase

    iiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooooooooot he is

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