Justin Bieber: Booed at Billboard Music Awards?

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Justin Bieber took home the first-ever Milestone Award at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards last night.

He then stirred up some controversy with his acceptance speech.

After simply standing at the mic and soaking in the applause, Bieber went on to say he's only 19 years old and "I think I'm doing a pretty good job."

Then, clearly referring to such recent controversies at alleging spitting on his neighbor, Justin went on to say focus should be on his "craft," not his actions.

"This is not a gimmick," he added. "I'm an artist and I should be taken seriously and all this other bull should not be spoken of."

Watch now and also determine: Is Bieber being booed?

Justin also took to the stage twice.

He sang a duet of #thatpower with will.i.am and a rendition of "Take You." Watch both below:


Here's my thoughts on Beiber getting booed at the 2013 BillBoard Awards http://youtu.be/ri1q0F2slvU

Summer larose

Geez guys, another bait and switch. He wasn't booed. I guess that's what your question mark was about but I came to see him get booed and there was no booing :(


Didn't your mammy ever tell you little boy the older you get the worse you get? You never would've got this much grief if you had stuck to playing with your action man. Too much money makes a little boy stupid.


He is only 19 and he was just given over to handlers for the last four or give years, his mother was told dont worry we will look after him. He is going through the break up from his first love( like none of you remember how painful that was) and is acting out a bit. Where is usher now? Where is the manager, where is his friend" Taylor", instead of acting like the 12 year old she keeps portraying by her immature so called love life ( sticking her tongue out plc) she should take a page out of Selena's book on how to be classy and not such a vindictive child. Personally the kid needs help and all you beleibers should hope he gets if before there is a tragedy .


Oh please. A year ago I was impressed he seemed to grow up. He's acting like a child. His music sounds older but if he wants to act like a spoiled brat, he's not going to be respected as an artist. His tweens can swoon, but he will never have the respect he is demanding. He's going to be in lock up by this time next year if he doesnt get it together.


I love a guy who confidently speaks his mind and does not worry what other people think.


He is a complete tool. Such a douche bag. Imagine how he will be in 10 years...frightening huh.


Please he's old enough people r just jealous of my bbs


Justin Bieber sucks and I hated his presence at the Billboard Music Awards. He totally messed it up!


Then, why did you watch?


Justin's Fans should b cheerin him.

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