Farrah Abraham: DESTROYED By Dr. Phil in Awesome Interview

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Farrah Abraham stopped by Dr. Phil on Friday to clear up rumors about her sex tape ... but the doctor ended up taking her to task over that and a lot more.

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    Thought she had a boob job. Gee I thought she was perfect. NOT


    Farrah is a BRAT. So fresh to her parents. Only nice when wants something She was a brat on the teen show. Thinks the world owes her a living Dr Phil got it right.


    And when I look at her, all I can think of is that she seriously needs some ass fuck and gag deep down her throat. Sorry for my unacceptable but it is what it is!


    She's gonna end up bad and in some street corner, I assure you all that !


    I have never liked her from day one. She is a spoiled brat who thinks that because she got knocked up as a child she is deserving of stardom. The way she talks to people, especially her parents, and the fact that they even let her, is apalling. Dr. Phil asks her questions she doesn't like so she has a temper tantrum and whines and cries. I used to talk like that when I didn't get my way too; in the 6th grade. She needs to grow up and get out of the "limelight" and concentrate on her daughter, or the cycle is just going to continue and in about 12 years we get to see "Farrah, the second generation", and Farrah becomes a grandma at the age of 35. Grow up and go away, the public is done with you


    her noes job went to her brain...get a life..


    'hey it not the doctors''it her she cry wolf too much times..dont you think?


    ''hay '' it not the doc,,it her on how she act is the problem...


    When I saw her, I thought she was kind of hot. But, seeing her attitude turned me off. She is one of the main reasons why I do not watch those teen mom shows on MTV.


    Anyone foolish enough to go on his show shouldnt expect any different. He's a blow hard that gets his ratings by humiliating people.

    @ Spare me

    Dr Phil is right on and people don't want to hear they are wrong. He is on the money. Can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen Farrah. Thank God the guy she dated in Texas woke up quickly. Didn't take long to get herr number

    @ Spare me

    So, she's the innocent victim in this one?

    @ Um,

    Not innocent. A user

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