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At this point it seems all but guaranteed that Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are getting divorced.

Calvert moved out on Messer last week, and he's even taken to flirting with fans on Twitter.

But while Calvert seems to be having no trouble moving on, Messer is reportedly willing to do whatever it takes to save her marriage...including parting ways with the show that made her famous:

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Picture

We learned earlier this week that Leah is quitting Teen Mom 2. The 22-year-old mother of three made the announcement on twitter, but didn't provide much in the way of details.

Now, sources are saying that Messer bowed out of the series' sixth season as part of a last-ditch effort to keep her family in one piece:

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With fans and fellow co-stars still reeling over Leah Messer quitting Teen Mom 2 and wondering what led to her decision, the future of the show is equally in doubt.

Will the MTV hit continue on without the troubled mother of three?

Leah Messer Crying

According to one alleged insider, don't stick a fork in it just yet.

“The other three girls have all signed on and are ready to film a sixth season,” a source says of Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska.

“They’ll be shooting as usual.”

While Messer and the aforementioned trio are all friends - unlike Farrah Abraham, who was ousted by her Teen Mom co-stars - they were as surprised as we were.

“She hasn’t told anyone what’s really going on,” the source says.

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Late last night, a fan tweeted Leah Messer and asked if the 22-year-old had any intention of returning to Teen Mom 2 for season six.

Leah replied simply, "No." She later added, "I hope my girls continue to move on with TM2. I wish them the best."

Messer's decision to part ways with the series that made her famous isn't particularly surprising, considering how tumultuous her personal life has been in recent weeks:

Leah Messer Photograph

Last month Leah's husband, Jeremy Calvert, accused her of cheating.

She denied it, and the couple briefly patched things up. Now, however, insiders say Calvert has moved out on Messer and will soon begin divorce proceedings.

In addition to her marital woes, Leah is reportedly struggling with a dangerous addiction. Sources in her hometown say Leah spends $600 a week on prescription pills, and has ignored her family's pleas to seek treatment.

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Leah Messer's marriage hit a rough patch recently, and judging from her recent social media posts, she'll do anything to make it work.

Yesterday, Messer took to Facebook to discuss her "struggles" with Jeremy Calvert and offer "marriage tips" to her online fans. She admitted things haven't been easy, but she seemed convinced that she and Calvert could make it work.

Later on Twitter, however, the Teen Mom 2 star came off as decidedly less optimistic:

Leah Messer Calvert, Jeremy Calvert

"Everyone keep me in your thoughts and prayers today #nervous," Messer tweeted, leading some fans to speculate that she was approaching some sort of crossroads in her relationship with Calvert.

Unfortunately, it seems that whatever Leah was nervous about did not turn out the way she'd hoped:

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In the wake of a cheating scandal and overall marital discord, Leah Messer reveals on Facebook that things with Jeremy Calvert have been a "struggle" of late.

The embattled Teen Mom 2 star shared the following, telling wisdom online:

“Great marriages are the result of two people who struggle through a challenge but find a way to stay together in the process,” ending that post with #marriage tip.

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert Kiss

Messer’s marriage to Calvert has been a roller coaster ride from the start.

She's got two daughters by her previous husband Corey Simms, and one of them has major health problems, making for a very stressful home life.

Not only that, she and Jeremy also have a daughter of their own now.

All the while, he's been forced to work out of town a lot - to her chagrin - in order to make ends meet for the young family. It's a lot to handle for them.

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At this point in her career, Farrah Abraham has so many revenue streams she probably couldn't even give you a ballpark figure on how much she's worth.

Farrah sells sex toys (sometimes while dressed as a Disney character), she's a porn sex tape star, and she claims to have authored both erotica and Christian parenting books.

Christian Farrah Abraham

Oh, and of course Farrah's stripper salary topped half a million dollars this year.

Needless to say, she's doing alright for herself, so it's not surprising that she's movin' on up and leaving her humble home behind.

And by "humble," we mean the $750,000 mansion in Austin that Farrah put up for sale last week.

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Jenelle Evans sparked more rumors of a relapse into drug use for a reason even more ridiculous than usual, which is saying a lot given her social media history.

No matter how hard the Teen Mom 2 star works to turn her troubled life around, and how conclusively she proves herself to be a better and more responsible adult?

There will always be haters accusing Jenelle Evans of child abuse after seeing an Instagram photo of her son, or assume she's back on drugs again based on ...

  • Jenelle Evans' Bong?
  • Jenelle Evans, Tongue

The "suspicious" picture surfaced on her Twitter, prompting people to think she was getting high. Because people thought this was a bong. Seriously.

As she casually pointed out, it's a coaster holder, people, relax.

While we're not sure why she would post such a pointless image in the first place, people really need to give Jenelle and Nathan Griffith the benefit of the doubt.

Think about it. Even of Evans does smoke pot anymore ...

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For the past few weeks, things have been going downhill for Leah Messer, and it seems the Teen Mom star's family and friends have grown concerned about her go-to coping mechanism.

Leah Messer Crying

Rumors that Leah is addicted to prescription drugs have been around for months, but despite the 22-year-old's assurances that there's no cause for concern, the problem has reportedly only gotten worse.

Recently, a drug dealer who lives in Leah's area claimed that Messer spends $600 a week on pills.

Insiders say things began to spiral out of control when Jeremy Calvert moved out on Leah after less than three years of marriage.

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Leah Messer's family is sticking by her throughout her recent marital strife. That includes her grandmother, who has some harsh words for her critics.

Leah Messer on Teen Mom 2 Pic

With the marriage of Leah and Jeremy Calvert on the ropes, everyone's chiming in, from her former flame Robbie Kidd to their families and friends.

Reports have surfaced that Jeremy Calvert moved out on Leah, while fingers are being pointed left and right as the pair's union hangs by a thread.

Her younger sister Victoria slammed Jeremy and threatened to expose his dirtiest secrets, and now their grandma Sandy Kay, has taken to Facebook.

With a vengeance!

In a lengthy and tangential post, Kay said that "they" (it's unclear who the nebulous they are) of going after Messer and her kids and will stop at nothing.


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Leah Messer has been having a rough few weeks.

First, her husband Jeremy Calvert accused Leah of cheating in a vicious tirade on Twitter.

At first, it seemed as though the two had patched things up, but days later Calvert moved out on Messer and boasted about it on Twitter.

Why the abrupt departure after Leah claimed publicly that there was no truth to the cheating rumors? Well, sources say reports of infidelity weren't the only thing that Jeremy had lost patience with.

Leah Messer Crying

Recently, a drug dealer in Messer and Calvert's area came forward to reveal that Leah spends $600 a week on prescription pills.

The problem has reportedly gotten so bad that Leah's addiction has rendered her incapable of caring for her three children.

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