Rihanna Gets "Breezy" Tattoo in Honor of Chris Brown

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As if Rihanna's renewed, torrid love affair with Chris Brown weren't obvious enough, the singer recently got the word “Breezy” tattooed someplace on her body.

The new tat "symbolizes her commitment" to Brown, according to reports.

Rihanna Tattoos, Choker

The tattoo rumor comes days after Rihanna donned a choker given to her by Brown to her perfume launch (and Tweeted a topless pic of herself wearing it, obviously).

Now she's gone a step further, etching the word "Breezy" somewhere on her body.

Publicly, she has said she and Brown are NOT back together ... but her Instagram suggests otherwise. Regularly in fact. See Chris Brown shirtless in bed.

The Breezy tattoo is just the latest symbol of their non-together togetherness.

According to The Sun (UK), “She got it because it symbolizes her commitment to him. Now the world knows they’re back together, they’re determined to make it work.”

Chris famously calls his army of devoted fans Team Breezy.

The tattoo is Rihanna's 19th. Her 18th, which she got in September, is an image of the Egyptian goddess Isis, whose empowered feminine image signifies rebirth.

By her own admission (and as seen in Twitter photos), Rihanna's huge chest tattoo was dedicated to her late grandmother, Dolly, who passed away this year.

Despite not tweeting any images of her alleged new tattoo, the star did post an interesting black and white picture of herself wearing thick-rimmed black glasses.

"Goodbye muthaf**ker ‪#takeoff‬," she captioned it.

So that pretty much brings you up to date.

Rihanna, Glasses Photo

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That's a lie. She has no breezy tattoo..


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@ carrie

You mean "role model"? Looks like you won't be one either lmfao

@ Shanelle Gorham

You forgot the period at the end of your sentence. If you're going to correct someone, check yourself first.


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Soon he'll honor her by giving her another fat lip and black eye. Both are a waste of skin.


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@ baja

The Obama generation. Popularity- at any cost.

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Oh, you mean Mitt Romney? Why yes, popularity at all costs.

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