Rihanna Gets "Breezy" Tattoo in Honor of Chris Brown

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As if Rihanna's renewed, torrid love affair with Chris Brown weren't obvious enough, the singer recently got the word “Breezy” tattooed someplace on her body.

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    This is so NOT news worth posting, why can't we move on to something that really is a matter of importance? When something happens and he starts fighting her again, it still won't be news, so let's just move on why don't we?? We ALL reap what we sow and can't blame anyone else in the long run.


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    That's a lie. She has no breezy tattoo..


    She is so boring. Wait, he is so boring. Oh wait, their parts are so boringly interchangeable.


    I did not have not much respect for her in the first place even have less for her now. Not a roll modle i want for my girls. Go back from where you came from!

    @ carrie

    You mean "role model"? Looks like you won't be one either lmfao

    @ Shanelle Gorham

    You forgot the period at the end of your sentence. If you're going to correct someone, check yourself first.


    What a dumb bitch.


    Stupid girl. Nothing but a sad and needy stupid girl.

    And such a disappointment too.


    Grow up,you seem to have problem cookie. Money does not buy everything! Attention starved she so is....


    Soon he'll honor her by giving her another fat lip and black eye. Both are a waste of skin.


    love is in the air, NAÏVE AMERICA?

    @ baja

    The Obama generation. Popularity- at any cost.

    @ David

    Oh, you mean Mitt Romney? Why yes, popularity at all costs.

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