Rihanna Tweets Photo of Chris Brown Shirtless in Bed, Obviously

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Rihanna's relationship with Chris Brown continues to make headlines thanks to the former's own activity on social media. "Nobody's Business" or everyone's?

On Saturday, she shared an Instagram photo of her "lover" lying shirtless in bed. Brown's many tattoos and Bart Simpson jacket are clearly visible.

Chris Brown Shirtless in Bed

The two have spent a lot of time together recently, in and out of bed. She boarded a private plane to jet to Berlin, Germany, for Brown's Thursday concert.

"All alone in my big ole jet!!! See u soon lover," she tweeted en route to the European city, where she spent Thanksgiving with her "lover" and went clubbing.

Still, both stars have insisted they're not back together.

Rihanna, who just finished her disastrous 777 Tour, told Andy Cohen that they haven't rekindled their romance, despite hardcore PDA that suggests otherwise.

Chris told Power 106 radio host Big Boy this month that they were "working on [their] friendship," but echoed the theme of their recent collab, "Nobody's Business."

"As far as our personal life, I think people just got to give it a chance - or not even give it a chance, but just shut the hell up," Brown said. "It's me."

"At the end of the day, whatever opinion they have ain't going to change nothing I'm doing."

Profound and eloquent as always, Chris Brown. Eloquent.

Chris and Rihanna smushing again: Good idea?


If she took that abusive savage back, she deserves what she gets from here on out.

@ Frogmore

She has always accepted honey, thus, has always deserved it.


Chris brown dont care......


It's so sad that she has to post everything about her life. Her and kim kartrashian should become buds. They are both so narcissistic and attention starved. Poor thing's so much money and no life......Ya wish they would go away and leave the public alone!!!

@ Snicker

100% AGREED!!!


Gurl gonna bang who she wanna bang, people gotta leave her alone IMO


Why do people continue to hate on chris n Rih s choices leav them alone , if we open our closets most of us have skeletons , The past is the past ,so Leave it there . GOD'S word saids Forgive thy brother and HE IS truly The JUDGE ! So shut the heck up already and Let these Two Lovers BE !

@ Carmen

Carmen dear - If Rihanna stopped posting all her business online, she could be left alone. But she prefers to air her dirty laundry and her business with that abusive savage all over heaven's creation, and in doing so, opens herself up to comments about it from others.


As alike as two pigs in a sty. Please spare us any news about these two talentless exhibitionists.


@Samantha: A-men.


This woman is such an attention-whore. Good or bad, it doesn't matter as long as someone is paying attention to her. She'll do or say anything for notice. She has no shame, little talent, and she'll be used up and cast aside in the next five years.

Xinh vo trong
@ Samantha

So true...just wished the majority of the world would think that way. She's no icon, she's no artist, just a random girl plucked from the streets.

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