Jenny Johnson: Threatened By Team Breezy!

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Comedian Jenny Johnson is feeling the collective wrath of Team Breezy right now.

Some extremely loyal, deeply troubled Chris Brown fans have threatened to kill her following their now infamous, rather nasty Twitter exchange over the weekend.

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Brown, C

The comedian called the R&B star a "piece of sh!t" and an ignorant "f*%k."

He responded by telling her to perform oral sex on him, labeled her a "thirsty hoe" and "bush pig," and then threatened to fart and/or defecate in her eye.

The Chris Brown feud resulted in his Twitter account being deactivated, and in his absence some fans took it upon themselves to issue death threats to Johnson.

"U wanna know what im gonna do? Im gonna kill that Jenny Johnson for making Chris delete his twitter," wrote @NellyBreezy, who later deleted her own account.

Her kind sentiments were echoed by, @NinaBreezy16, who tweeted: "@JennyJohnsonHi5 whore bitch. if chris kill you i will have more respect of him ..."

Likewise, another Team Breezy member, using the handle @_Haineko, weighed in, "super mad right now ... if i see that jenny johnson i'll stab her to death."

Even crazier still, a Chris Brown fan with the handle @rockykane9 wrote, "@JennyJohnsonHi5 I'M GONNA F*CKING RAPE & KILL YOU OLD WHORE F*CK!"

Jenny Johnson hasn't been scared off by the numerous replies she's received, which have mostly told her to "eat a dick," but she did tweet that she's "alarmed."

Brown's fans have stuck by him no matter what, and female members of Team Breezy have made headlines for tweeting some very sad statements.

"I'd let Chris Brown beat me up anytime ;) #womanbeater," and "Chris brown can beat me any dayyyyy damn he's so sexy" would be the archetypal ones.

His fans recently made threats against John Legend’s fiancée, model Chrissy Teigen, after she made comments about his performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

Brown actually asked his fans to stop in that case, writing, "Team Breezy! Stop sending death threats!"

"I know y'all bout that life but it's the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims!"

They are all bout that life, indeed. No official comment from Chris Brown's camp.

Whose side are you on in this crazy beef?


what the fucking fuck


haters just need to shut up forever, he is a great man and a great guy team breezy


It's interesting to see people that hate Chris dog him for what he said but you totally ignore the fact that this no name woman used profanity towards him initially. Then again you racist often overlook the "bad" that Whites do as long as your "evil" selves feel you are in a position to judge a Black person....


hi hru mi dear janny


Americans are so vulgar


WHO the HELL are these Team Breezy?!! They're all female fans right! SO when Chris Brown (a MAN) abused Rihanna (a Woman), were they on his side?! How did they feel about that huh?!


Well its official, the world is going to hell in a Gucci bag! This is what happens when instant media outlets fall into the wrong hands. Both Chris Brown And this female comic shouldve known better. I think that she did it to get some publicity by exposing Chris To be the ignorant narrow minded jackass that we figured he was. Even though I admit I wanted to give the bastard the benefit of the much for that idea what a waste of good talent.


What a class act, Chris. When can we expect the next broken nose?


Well, the woman Jenny Johnson is the one who started this mess. And that is why Chris Brown and his Twitter fans attacked her back with their comments. I honestly do not feel sorry for this comedienne who probably is not that funny anyway.


yup. the human race has officially degenrated. these girls are probly masochists, if they wana be beaten by c.b.

@ omfg

It's disgusting. Seriously, are they realizing what they're writing?? Good job, women. Two steps forward, 50 steps back. Screw women's rights!

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