Chris Brown Fans Are Insane: But Why?

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Chris Brown fans are likely the Twitter world's craziest, as they proved once again this week with a barrage of insults and death threats directed at Jenny Johnson.

Why is that? Simply put, because they're Chris Brown fans.

It's Chris Brown Yo

If you need a refresher: Johnson, a comedian and frequent Chris critic, got his attention over the weekend by labeling him a miserable piece of $h!t.

She received a vile Chris Brown Twitter rant in response, after which he peaced out of Twitter and Team Breezy began calling for Johnson's murder.

So why do Chris Brown fans act so absolutely insane on Twitter?

They take cues from the singer they worship, experts believe.

"You're not going to see the same thing, as broadly, with people who have a different image," says USC professor Leo Braudy, author of The Frenzy of Renown: Fame and Its History.

"This won't happen among Brad Pitt or George Clooney fans."

Probably not, as those two actors aren't going around Tweeting things like "Bitches be crazy" or "Take them teeth out when u Sucking my d--k HOE."

Stars attract fans in their own vein and vice versa, experts say. However the celebrity behaves, it tends to come back, like an echo chamber, from the fan.

On social media, where fans feel closer to an idol than ever before, this phenomenon is only enhanced. Anonymity also breeds what some consider verbal rape.

"On Twitter, fans feel that celebrities are intimate relations, like family," Braudy says.

"You hurt my brother, so I'm going to get you. And with fans of Chris Brown, their attacks and defenses are going to be extreme, because he's so extreme."

Perfectly logical. And terrifying.



chris brown is sexy damn


i am a ridse or die fan of chris i will be there for him no matter what


you dont know what you are talking about that was a mistake he made years ago let it go


The media doesn't need to bully 'Chris Brown fans' when he's not around to royally screw up his own headlines. The worst fans online are Justin Bieber fans. Several times a year a on-again off again fan named Sydney Dalton was the #1 most typed about topic on twitter with his fans berating her for making a video tearing up a poster then going to meet him . They also type disgusting things to actor Drake Bell And worse, after singer Lily Allen said she didn't know who Justin Bieber was a few years ago, a year later she had a miscarriage and his fans tweeted her that her baby deserved to die. All year Beyonce fans say hateful things to singer Keri Hilson because she seemingly sang that Beyonce should retire one day. Whenever late r&b singer Aaliyah is brought up in a 'what could have been manner?" , the Beyonce fans post pictures of a skeleton side by side with Beyonce to say 'here's the real comparison' or they make plane jokes on her youtube videos and on their twitter accounts. When Jennifer Hudson is said to be a better singer than Beyonce or "Dreamgirls" comes on they go and tweet her jokes about her family being killed a few years ago. A lot of Chris Brown's most vocal critics wish prison and death on him, even Jenny, who also tweeted him to go suck something months before he got that vile with her. But what did anyone or say bad enough to Justin Bieber or Beyonce for their fans to be so cruel as to mock death??? And Justin Bieber and Beyonce 's music and attitude is nothing like Chris Brown's. The bias is this post . You think calling out Chris Brown fans will smarten them up? No, it's actually more likely to further link them with wayward leader Chris Brown because now they 'know what if feels like'

@ Atond

If there was a like button you would get it. ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!!


Y'all can kiss chris brown's Ass! I don't care if he doesn't care about us, but we care about him though. Jealous perhaps?? he's an entertainer that we love and care about so get with it or get LOST! Y'all act like he was wrong for what he did to that lady.No bitches he wasn't the proof is in the pudding mother effers there's no going around it..


Does any of these female chris brown fans ever realize that Chris Brown used to be a woman beater and maybe he still is

@ Vadehanson

he is not a woman beater he only did it once and you and i know it was one nasty mistake so if u don't have anything to say just shut the fuck up

@ zeebrown

i totalli agree he made up for his mistake so yall need to shut up

@ zeebrown

You knocked that bitch in the head..


Everyone gets annoyed, I wonder why that Johnson lady keeps on provoking CB. Who is she, to judge him? People should learn to forgive others. If our Creator urges us to forgive others as many times as we could, who is a mare human to dispute His Command? I would advise Johnson to stop provoking CB. The rest of us have forgiven him because we are all human and are prone to error. No one is perfect, we learn from other people `s mistakes and ours too. So, Johnson, leave the young man alone, hes got a talent, don`t ruin it for him.


He's a crazy bitch


Well, what can you expect, clueless writer(s)? Chris Brown does not care and therefore his fans feel the same way. Either accept them for who they are or ignore them and move on.


His fans are just low lives, only low lives act like than.

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