Elisabeth Hasselbeck Slams Chris Brown Rant as "Verbal Rape", Calls For Lifetime Twitter Ban

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View had some harsh words for Chris Brown's vulgar Twitter rant against Jenny Johnson, likening his comments to "verbal rape."

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    hasselbeck neds to SHUT THE f,,, UP


    Hasselbeck overreacted, as usual - calling someone a "ho" is not verbal rape.


    People must stop blaming CB, he did nothing wrong. He was provoked, en he has to say something. En i totally agree with Whoopi, if someone slap u in ur face u have to take action too. Leave CB alone.

    @ Valerie



    Chris could have and should have chosen to ignore her tweet. His failure to do so and then tweet the disgusting things he did prove that her initial assessment was correct. Hopefully Sherry is teaching her young son that, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me". Otherwise she will be raising another Chris.


    Don't condone any of the nonsense that normally spews out of Chris Brown's mouth; however, there is something to be said for the fact that he was going on about his life not bothering anyone when this Jenny Johnson woman verbally attacked him. Based on his past history, did she really expect him to play nice? She got what she asked for!


    Sherri and Whoopi are both racists what did you expect them to say. That's why all my friends and I don't watch this show anymore.

    @ Katz

    of course its racist because she takes up for the black guy but if he was any other race its not. your racist for saying it


    Oh my lord, I actually agree with Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

    If that isn't a sign of the apocalypse, then I do not know what would be.


    I dont lik chris brown but the lady deserved wat he said. U mess wit fire &u get burned.

    @ My2cents

    mess with fire...lmao. More like messing with shit, u get shit all over

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