Chris Brown Goes Off on Vile Twitter Rant, Wants to Defecate on Jenny Johnson

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News producer turned comedy writer Jenny Johnson makes fun of Chris Brown on Twitter a lot ... and earned a vulgar, sexist response from the singer.

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    It is no surprise that most of the Chris Brown supporters can't spell or use proper grammar. One has to be ignorant to support such a disgusting excuse for a human being. It is revolting to me how this person treats women. I cannot even refer to him as a man because a man does not treat women in such a manner. Rhianna is an idiot and a horrible example for young women for taking this pond scum back instead of holding him accountable for his violence.


    hating chris will neva help you shit chris is the best his talent is shining or you wanna be at his bed u shit


    I'm sorry but they both sound like ten year olds it's ridiculous. Seriously! this is how I used to argue it sounds so stupid, and childish. Personally if this is how they fight and if this is what their "comebacks" are like I'm not on either side. That, and this has no effect on me whatsoever XD


    It an story jj let dem be, if RiRi hav decided 2 take Chris brown 4 who he is i believe it nobody's business.


    Chris brown is a coward. how can a man beat up a woman? how foolish can he be? stupidity


    this page reeding wery eawer intrest my good
    laikley jenny johonson


    "shart"? Shart? What is shart? Oh, never mind. I've decided I don't even want to know about a "shart." Dude's a total tampon.


    Thjat was gross and totally sub-adult. The guy punches women. Does anybody expect him to act like a quality human being? Not I.


    Seriously, just leave Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohan, and other celebs going through difficult times alone.

    For that woman and others to bother these celebrities, they really have no life.

    Why are you so angry, upset, or even care what Chris Brown and others do anyway?

    @ Ernest

    Amen. If these people weren't famous noone would give a shit. I feel sad for these people living their lives under a damn microscope. I couldn't do it. I have better things to do than stalk celebs


    That is some funny ish! I just think that this is hillarious! Who would have known two trash talkers can sound even dumber then they look? lol I like reading about other people bashing each other especially celebrities (said sarcastically). Makes me wonder why people look up to them and why they need to take that BS to twitter knowing that there are young kids out there fans of the singer/rapper on his twitter account who can see this stuff. Like seriously a lot of kids have secret twitter accounts and read those tweets and think that it is cool to bash people and talk ish to them via twitter. Hello people! Be a part of the solution to no on-line bullying and not part of the poblem.

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