Demi Lovato Slams Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumor

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New X Factor judge Demi Lovato isn't simply critiquing hopeful singers these days. She's going after supermarket tabloids as well.


In the wake of the 197th Kate Middleton pregnant lie report, Lovato has taken to Twitter and slammed Star Magazine for its irresponsible photo use.

"So apparently Kate Middleton (William?) is pregnant because of THIS picture...Are you KIDDING ME?!!" Demi Tweeted yesterday, linking to a cropped photo of the cover below, which includes an arrow on Middleton's svelte stomach and the words: "Expanding Waistline."

Demi Lovato, All Smiles
Kate Middleton Pregnant Claim

Lovato, of course, has been outspoken about self-esteem issues ever since she entered rehab in late 2010 for cutting, depression and an eating disorder, among other problems.

"And people wonder why girls/guys have body image issues," Lovato added. "Whether she is or not, she still has a beautiful body. Shame on you Star magazine."

Whether or not you give Lovato points as an X Factor judge - and THG was actually a big fan - you've gotta give the young star nothing but props for speaking out in this case. Way to go, Demi!

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GO DEMI! I love how she is the type of star that stands up for what she believes in. SHE is an inspiration to people all around, especially girls going through anorexia and cutting. Thanks to HER, I can now say that I AM a recovering anorexic and cutter. She has taught me that life is worth living and every body shape is beautiful. I thank you SO much Demi, you have NO idea how you've helped me and a TON of other girls out there. I hope one day the world will open up their eyes and become people on the inside and not just the outside with how people look. I thank you so much Demi. All my love- allison xx


Dont all like *


btw by i can uderstand that u dont like her music... i mean we all dont like the same music xd


Well, i totally can understand that u dont like her music and all that but m sorry u cant say that she is not talented! btw i love carry underwood 2 but 4 me she's not as talented as demi.
now i think we can stop talk bout this, we're not going to comment here all our life, i dont agree with u, u dont agree with us and this is the life! u said ur opinion, and demi did the same thing on her tweeter. she speak her mind, she is awesome, and defend kate was so cool from her.


You people are fucking crazy. I have heard Demi Lovato sing live, and I was not impressed. There's nothing wrong with that. And of course I've felt bad about myself. Who hasn't at one point or another? And no, Daniel, I'm not going to enter a fucking sob story. Don't be a jerk. I am not jealous of Demi Lovato. I can't sing, but I'm not jealous of someone I think can't sing either. Now, there are celebrities I am jealous of, but they have actual talent. People like Aerosmith, Carrie Underwood, or Fleetwood Mac. Oh, and Riley? I don't believe for one second that you've met her. Ever. And I really hate it when people call someone a troll when they're not. That word is seriously overused. So stop.


What has Demi got to do with Kate Middleton.. Nothing!!


@riley well the problem is that .. i live in france lmao so, ABC 's not possible 4 me ^^ but m sure its an awesome job!


@Ddl yeah we work with all celebrities so basically I'm lucky should apply ABC is always looking for interns. @demilovatoshusband please stop sharing your fantasy with us!


Puts my face between demi thighs feeling hot and soft here and I want to be here all the time. umm...... baby!


u peoples shut up and see wat I m doing ohh demi is so hot I m lifting her skirt up and slides my toungue on her thighs ahhh ohhh yeahhh! ummm so hot!

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