Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twins? Nope!

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This rumor runs counter to all the recent Kate Middleton weight loss gossip, but it's actually been reported that she and Prince William are expecting twins!

Not the case.

Tabloids recently claimed the 29-year-old Duchess is pregnant twice over, a palace rep tells Us Weekly that she is not currently expecting any children.

Gorgeous Duchess

"Suffice to say that were it true, it would be us that announces it, not a gossip magazine," the couple's rep tells the entertainment news rag. Likely true.

That doesn't mean that the day won't come, however.

"I think we'll take it one step at a time," William  said in November. "We'll sort of get over the marriage thing first. But obviously, we want a family."

Suffice to say, those will be some good-looking kids!

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this is such a lie. your website sucks.its a junk. who will ever believe this miniack?


Never heard of coming off of birth control leads to conceive multiple births....only thought and know for 100% sure most people who use inverto. end up half the time with twins or more....twins usually depends on how much they run in the family...


They are going to make terrific parents. I can't wait for the REAL news!!!!!!!!!!


Pink panther;
What planet are you from? Seriously, something is wrong with you to post such garbage! My god its embarrassing to be included in the same species with folks like you!! And Lynda - Also you clearly know nothing about birth control as they have no impact on multiple births.


Pink Panther how can u say things like that how do u know if Kate had sex before marriage do u know her personally get ur facts straight b4 running ur mouth


i pray she is pregnant, after all children are a gift from God, good luck.


You can't have all. Kate and William are gonna be wonderful parents but the thing is the wife is having difficulty with pregnancy. Maybe it's the effects of birth control pills that Kate has taken all those years when they live-in together to prevent unplanned pregnancy.
Compared to late Princes Diana who conceive easily because she has an intact, clean and healthy reproductive system unlike Kate who overused her vagina before she got married.


Yah they make good parents


Coming off birth control pills, often leads to twins. They did the Canada tour, and now is the right time in order to be ready for Olympics. I so hope she is. They will make wonderful parents.


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