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The X Factor will not mark any spots on the Fox calendar next year: It has been canceled after three seasons.

The American Idol-like competition never created a Kelly Clarkson or a Carrie Underwood. Can you name a single champion?

Despite big names such as Britney Spears and Demi Lovato behind the judging panel, it never garnered significant ratings, either. The third season finale only drew 6.2 million viewers.

X Factor Season 3 Judges

“I’ve had a fantastic time over the last 12 years, both on The X Factor and American Idol,” said executive producer and judge Simon Cowell in a statement, adding:

“And apart from being lucky enough to find some amazing talent on the shows, I have always had an incredible welcome from the American public (most of the time!). Last year, for a number of reasons, I had to make a decision to return [for the first time in four years] to the U.K. version of The X Factor in 2014.

So for now, I’m back to the U.K. and I want to thank FOX for being an incredible partner and I also want to thank everybody who has supported my shows. America, I’ll see you soon!”

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The confetti has fallen. The mockery of Demi Lovato is over. And the votes are in:

Alex & Sierra are The X Factor Season 3 champions!

The talented, adorable duo beat out Jeff Gutt (second place) and Carlito Olivero (third place) on last night's finale - and they largely have their rendition of "Say Something" to thank for this honor.

Watch the emotional duet from this week's final performance show now:

Following the holidays, Alex says the pair will return to Los Angeles and work on their debut album.

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The X Factor crowned its third season champion last night, with Alex & Sierra defeating Carlito Olivero and Jeff Gutt to take home the title.

But subsequent chatter isn't focused on this adorable winning duo.

Instead, it's centered on the very odd way producers decided to send off Demi Lovato, who confirmed this week that she won't return for Season 4.

In an incredibly unfunny and misguided skit, the series joked that Lovato drinks "Annoying Juice" all day, hence why she continually irritates Simon Cowell to such a degree.

Watch now as Lovato - a past substance abuser who is very open about her struggles - views the video montage in disgust and clearly says to her fellow judges, "that's f-cked up."

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The X Factor Season 3, mercifully, has come to an end.

And the finale represented everything strange and uneven about the competition, lowlighted by an odd montage to departing judge Demi Lovato (an admitted substance abuser) that featured her often taking swigs from a cup and defying Simon Cowell.

The punchline? Demi drinks Annoying Juice. Lovato's reaction, as caught on camera in a candid moment? "That's f-cked up," she said to Kelly Rowland.

The X Factor Season Three Finalists

But... oh... right: there was also a winner to crown.

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Simon Cowell has made it official:

Demi Lovato will not return to The X Factor in 2014.

Talk of the singer departing this reality competition surfaced on Tuesday, as insiders told People Lovato wanted to focus entirely on her music career next year - and now the show's producer has confirmed the news.

Demi Lovato with Simon Cowell

"I always knew she wasn't coming back because she's touring," Cowell told reporters yesterday.

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The X Factor aired its final performance episode of Season 3 last night.

It involved Alex & Sierra hovering about Los Angeles on a helicopter… Jeff Gutt on a motorcycle… Paulina Rubio lip-synching very poorly on stage… a visit to the finalists' hometown… oh, and some actual singing!

Carlito Olivero covered Shontelle on the track "Impossible" and also sang a duet of "Stand By Me" with Prince Royce.

Alex & Sierra impressed on both "Give Me Love" and when they were joined by Leona Lewis for "Bleeding Love."

Jeff Gutt brought himself to tears with a cover of "Creep" and sang alongside the Goo Goo Dolls' John Rzeznik) for "Iris."

Overall, it was a mediocre performance finale on a mediocre season that has never really resonated with fans.



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The X Factor will crown a Season 3 winner this week.

But the Fox competition may already need to be thinking ahead to Season 4... because sources tell People at least one judge's seat will be vacant when this Simon Cowell creation returns in 2014.

Demi Lovato "plans to spend next year completely focused on her music," says an insider, adding of the 21-year old: "She had a great run and a good time."

Demi Lovato Smiles

The artist has been an X Factor panelists for two years and will headline her first arena tour in early 2014. It kicks off February 9 in Vancouver.

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The X Factor announced its trio of Season 3 finalists tonight...

... with a twist!

Following a performance show that saw the contestants sing three songs apiece, each of the artists who advanced to next week's finale immediately kicked off what Mario Lopez dubbed their "campaigns to win."

Yes, they were deemed safe and then asked to sing a song and essentially get the finals underway a week early.

Restless Road on The X Factor

It was a fun, unexpected move - but which singer(s) did not take part?

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The Final 4 performed live on The X Factor last night.

With each act taking the stage three times - once for America's Song Choice, one for a Duet to the Death and once to make a final impression on viewers - it was a busy two hours.

But was it an entertaining one?

Jeff Gutt certainly helped his cause with a gruff version of Leonard Cohen’s classic, "Hallelujah," while Alex & Sierra remained a threat with Sara Bareilles' "Gravity."

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For two more X Factor finalists, Thursday night marked the end of the road as Season 3 of this Fox competition sputters toward its forgettable conclusion.

Who will be moving on and who's headed home?

The X Factor Season 3 Poster

The bottom vote-getter ... was Ellona Santiago.

She had a solid night performing the night before, but didn't really stand out, so perhaps audience just assumed she'd be safe? In any case, no one is.


With Santiago gone, three safe acts were Restless Road, Alex and Sierra, and Jeff Gutt, leaving Rion Paige and Carlito Olivero to sing for their lives.

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