Behind the Demi Lovato Breakdown: What Led to Rehab?

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I was bullied in middle school. People say sticks and stones may break your bones but names can never hurt you, but that's not true. Words can hurt. They hurt me. Things were said to me that I still haven't forgotten.


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    i love you demi you are truly amazing i wish you all the best in the future and stay strong your the best person ever and your my role model love you


    demi i hope you get well soon and i hope you find the right guy. and i hope joe relizes what he lost i love you keep your head held high and im ur #1 fan. i want you to get well!!!!!!!


    Thank you all I realy love you for saying all of that and ill keep my head up I know I head it a bit or a lot late but still thanks sorry have to give bye ps.its me demi


    demi your beautiful talented and amazing don't worry about joe it's his lose you can do so much better your fans love you and support you through everything your an amazingly gifted singer and actress and shouldn't have to worry about all the negativity you had to put up with your friends and family all love you and want whTs best for you and to see you happy like I said your fans will be with you no matter what we all love you stay strong and remember just how much your fans look up go you and love you your my hero and role modle


    demi your beautiful talented and amazing don't worry about Joe it's his lose u deserve so much better then him ur fans are here for you and we love you think about all the positive things that your friends and family all love you and want the best for you your an amazingly gifted singer and actress and I hope you get better and show the world your back on track and are doing better then ever like I said all your fans love you and will stick by you no matter what


    I thnk demi should really read all these comments , to see what real fans are like ... Demi you are loved by your fans and that should be better than anythng else , girl you have to be proud of what you are!! You;kre the best demi keepit up !! Peace out


    demi u can find someone better than joe ur his loss just keep looking dont listen to the bullies and in a few years u WILL be happy and be starting a family nomatter what, ur fans will be here for u.


    Demi you are a great singer i downloaded all your songs on my phone.anyway i know what your going through. i hope you can get back on disney channel. stay strong and dont worry about wat other people say about you just remember that your fans have your back through thick and like your #1 fan. good luck Demi we all love you!


    I've heard that aid before, I dont remember when but "thats it your gong home" is kinda a stinging sentence. I sorta feel her pain


    The Jonas loosers need their egos deflated. Demi deserves so much better. Stay strong girl and stay true to your values. You will be one of Hollywood's greatest stars. Joe is a momma's boy, he is not looking for a real girlfrend, he is looking for his mom.

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