Levi Johnston "Disgusted" With Bristol Palin Reality Show, Seeking Full Custody of Tripp

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Levi Johnston is apparently one of the 19 people who have seen Bristol Palin's new reality show, in which she lets their three-year-old son Tripp run amok.

Johnston, who is about to be a dad for the second time with Sunny Oglesby, is appalled at seeing his son talk back, curse, and show no respect to elders.

Thus, he's decided to take action and seek full custody. Seriously.

Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin

Remember when this happened? Hilarious.

For the 99.99999 percent of you who haven't seen it, Bristol has had her hands full parenting. See Tripp's f-bomb / gay slur for one classic example.

During that episode, Bristol Palin admits, "I'm doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp." Her former fiance apparently agrees, and wants custody NOW.

Levi claims he is totally "disgusted" by his son's language and behavior and feels his son is on a "downward spiral" and getting "no real parenting."

Levi tells TMZ that Tripp "deserves a better family" than what Bristol and the rest of the Palins are providing, and that "I love my son more than anything."

"I will do whatever it takes to make sure he is raised the right way."

Levi dropped by the courthouse in Wasilla, Alaska to pick up all the necessary paperwork to obtain full custody of Tripp; he plans to file it ASAP.

The two sides have traded many barbs in recent years, with Levi claiming the Palins cut him off from Tripp and Bristol calling him a deadbeat dad.

Expect a Sarah Palin Facebook rant in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ...


The idea that Tripp would get different values from Levi is, sadly, very mistaken. This is normal for Wasilla. the Valley is a remarkably racist and VERY homophobic place. I hope the court does what is right for this little boy (if Levi files). But it won't be for the reason that Levi would be an improvement in sheltering him from bad language.


While Bristol was staying in school and getting up at night with baby Tripp, Levi was hitting the talk shows with his mom and sister, hanging with Kathy Griffin,doing nut commercial, posing for Playgirl and making loads of money. When Levi was touring his book, Barbara Walter's asked Levi if he was going to go see Tripp and he said "maybe". He seemed to be into HIS book tour, not into parenting Tripp. Now that Bristol is doing TV, he goes after custody. Is Jon Gosselin Levi's idol? When Kate did DWTS, Jon sued for custody of his kids and hounded Kate the entire time she was trying to learn to dance and support their kids. Now Levi, Sunny, & Levi's mom are hounding Bristol by selling stories to tabloids,talk shows and posting unproven gossip about Bristol. Why do I think Levi and his family are attempting to once again profit for talking bad about Bristol and using little Tripp?


First off i live in the very town pf Wasilla Alaska
And i will say levi is a low life and has never helped Bristol out she did not make tripp on her own !!!! And i will say she is a very good mother i think all you trash talkers shut your yaps you do t know her first off nor do you know the rest of them .Sara is a very good person and a good mom . And bristol has really done a beautiful job . If half of you had a chance to do what they have and made the money not one of you would say no so give it a rest with your hurtful talk about Bristol and her as a mom you do not know her and and trust me they do not live in no trailor i say go bristol your great and just fine pay no mind to the people on here your home town loves you


the language he picks up is from he mother and those she surrounds him with...the bitch is dumb like her mom...


The Bristol Palin show is a lot like Beverly Hillbillies, except that instead of hillbillies, they are trailer trash gone rich. The way they talk to each other and treat each other, for example, Bristol leaving her boyfriend behind to find his own way back to Alaska, and her sister's foul mouth and finger expletives, put them on about the same level as Toddlers and Tiaras. I watched the first several shows out of curiosity, but that was enough. I think its audience will diminish rapidly. ah


The writer's blatant partiality, which borders on contempt, does not change the fact that she, as a very young mother who is constantly in the spotlight, has done a pretty good job of keeping things together, with no obvious help and support from the child's loser father. Her boyfriend has stepped in and done a wonderful job, and he truly loves Tripp, who calls him "daddy". This situation is never ideal, but he is surrounded by love. Bristol has been hurt and abandoned, but she has stepped up to be both mother and father to her son. Meanwhile, Levi has made another baby which he will soon abandon also, and who will not either be supported by him or known to him. How low.


For all of you harpies that focus on him being a deadbeat father, it just shows how it is in America if you are a father...you pay for access to your kids. None of you know if the mother even allowed him access to the kid. This sounds to me just how it always is in these types of cases-she told Levi if you stay away from me and the kid, I won't hound you for support but if you step out of line, I am going to make your life miserable.


Its one thing to say you love your child, its completely another thing to step up and do the day to day necessary work. And its something, comepletly different to pretend your a better parent when you havent even played parent for 15 seconds to a child you created. Get off your high horse and join reality Levi, if you gain custody that only means little Tripp will be raised by a well paid nanny, with no true parental feelings towards the child what so ever. Once a dead beat, always a dead beat, and unfortunately, it will be Tripp that will be paying the consequences to both of your childish behaviors and what's even sadder is that when he realizes it, you will both be banished from his life in effort to salvage any life he has left to live with or without your unnecessary influence.


After having nothing to do with his son for how long... He thinks he is the better choice to raise his son?! Yes, Bristol has said she needs help in the disiplining department, but honestly, what parent doesn't?! I do not use any foul language of the sort nor do I allow my daughter to listen to music or tv with foul language but she HAS picked up a few words on outtings. No parent can help what their children hear from other people. Levi should just move on and get ready to be a deadbeat dad to child number 2!


He's just red-faced with jealousy. He would be the worst of the two to have full custody. He needs to keep his pants zipped until he is mature enough to be a father which means quit trashing the mother of his child. Grow up first Levi.

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