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She may have the support of at least one friend, but Kristen Stewart is not taking her alleged split with Robert Pattinson very well.

The actress is reportedly crashing at producer Giovanni Agnelli’s home after her ex-boyfriend asked her to move out, and an insider tells Radar Online that Stewart is acting like a “heartbroken teenager” over the break-up.

“She is crying her eyes out non-stop and does not want to communicate with anyone,” the source claims.

And while Pattinson has been driven to drinking, according to another report, Stewart has been driven to doing absolutely nothing ever since her affair with Rupert Sanders became public knowledge.

“She is pretty much inconsolable,” adds this mole. “Kristen hasn’t showered or changed or washed her hair in several days. She is laying around in her T-shirt and shorts and eating ice cream. She really wants to believe that she can win back Rob, but I think deep down she knows that isn’t the case.”

Pattinson is yet to make a public statement on the situation, while Stewart has not been heard from since her statement/apology the day this scandalous news broke.

Both are expected to attend the MTV Video Music Awards next month, however, and are even scheduled to present together. We somehow doubt this will actually take place.