Kevin Federline Blames Errant Golf Balls For Trashed Rental Property

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Kevin Federline is being sued for damage he allegedly caused to a home he used to rent, which he in turn blames on flying golf balls and general wear and tear.

His former landlord, Joseph Malek, wants $110,000 in damages from the former Mr. Britney Spears for back rent and damage to the Tarzana, Calif., home.

Federline insists the "damages to the home were due to normal wear and tear, and other damages were caused by golf balls hitting the property."

Broken windows, we're guessing.

Fedex Man

Kevin Federline: Sued for being a deadbeat dirtball.

More significantly, Federline claims he struck an oral agreement with Malek back in 2009 in which he coughed up $60,000 to cover any back rent.

He also says he agreed to let his former landlord keep his entire security deposit, and that this "acts as full satisfaction and discharge of disputes."

As a result of the new lawsuit K-Fed is seeking recovery of his attorney's fees, statutory damages and twice the amount of his security deposit.



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