Kristen Stewart Penning Apology to Liberty Ross, Source Says

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Kristen Stewart has already apologized to the public for her makeout session with Rupert Sanders, much to the consternation and horror of Robert Pattinson.

Now, an insider tells Radar Online, the actress is prepared to address Sanders' wife directly. She is apparently writing a note to Liberty Ross.

Liberty Ross Photo
Kristen Stewart at a Press Conference

"Kristen didn’t feel it was appropriate to issue a public apology to Liberty once the story of her affair with Rupert broke," the source says. “Instead, she’s going to do the decent thing and write Liberty a private letter expressing her deepest regret for her actions."

The mole goes on to say that Stewart only wanted to mention Pattinson in her initial statement because she's "desperate to save" that relationship.

But she feels "awful" for getting in between a man, a wife and his two children.

For whatever it's worth to either Ross or Pattinson, a reliable website claims Stewart and Sanders did NOT have sex.



Dali = great in every aspectRob Pattinson = dochue.Rob Pattinson as Dali = fake dyed spanish hair w/ fake dyed stacheMaybe it's the 1/4 Spanish part of me that thinks it's ridiculous that a white Brit should play a Spaniard who claimed Arab/Moorish ancestry. Or maybe because Pattinson looks more like Charlie Chan with an upside down fu manchu mustache. It wouldn't matter if he had an Oscar worthy performance, it's still borderline racist that you would have 2/3 male Hispanic leads played by British/Irish people. The movie poster even accentuates how non-Hispanic Pattinson as Dali is.And that's just another film in the long line of Hollywood racism that oh wait! this is apparently in indie film! So I guess they have no excuse.But that's just my horrible opinion. He's an ok singer though. But not good enough to do a Jeff Buckley biopic or whatever the rumors are these days.

Avatar i knew this was a publicity stunt. Thats why her and twilight dude was recently seen kissing


I am a huge fan of the Twilight series and really enjoyed Rob and Kristen being a couple. This has certainly spoiled things a bit for me. I am very dissapointed in Kristen. This just feels so sleazy! How on earth are they planning to get through the next few months of movie promos? So sorry this happened to Rob. I am hoping that he continues to be a sweet guy despite all this.


how did you get on Suri and Giraffes? What are you smokin? I think you better quit for awhile your getting one of those ZOMBIE ATTACKS!!!!!


Aletter? Why is she afrad she's gunna get bitch slapped? I would crawl under a rock and not come out for what she did .....cheating is unexceptable and disrespectful to the others involved no question to it once a cheater always a cheater including the man and his family he didnt think too much of them did he......I think hes the type to run to the first pew anyway to forgive his sins and think all is forggotten ......she better find a better choice of men too!........AND KALLIE & JAZZY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT????????? the only thing that made seense is your typo error!


Kellie & Jazzy,
Thanks a lot ! I meant Carpe diem (typing error). Christian Grey said it. Hah !! I don't like crepes filled with nuttela, I prefer cheese sandwich. English is not my mother tongue and I never study French.I was working for French man for 5 months only, could not read his terrible handwriting. I was in Paris for 2 days years ago. I will not make any comments about Robsten. Tired of the drama. However, I wrote a positive neutral messages to People,US,Omg yesterday. Today I only teased about Suri & Giraffes :). Robsten, good luck to you both. Thanks everyone.


Oh yes, I am so sure once the wife gets the letter, all will be forgiven and it willl all be blue skyies and sunshine once again.


Ummmm.... WHAt?? A freakin letter?? Puhleaze! And i am so not convinced that they didnt do the deed. Ive always been a fan of KStew and Rob but now ive lost all respect for her. Keep ur head up Rob. We love you.


All of these people need to move on with their lives. One can hardly say "I'm sorry, I love you" and yet be willing to shove your tongue down someone's else's throat. Rob & Liberty should hook up and live happily ever after. An ending to this that is SO Hollywood.


Thats a good thing to do Kristine Stewart, apologies to the people you hurt the most. i know it's not easy what you going to do but this is the right thing, be humble to your self, ask forgiveness let them know your truly sorry and I know one day this people will forgive you and heal then you can move on to your life but please stay loyal to your partner or boyfriend next time... even Magdalina she's a whore but still Jesus forgive him...commenting bad things isn't gonna help. Success!!!

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