Robert Pattinson on Kristen Stewart Apology: Unacceptable! Horrifying!

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We discussed it in a recent edition of THG Asks, but according to a new report, there really isn't a debate:

Kristen Stewart absolutely should NOT have issued a public apology after her affair with Rupert Sanders became tabloid and website fodder.

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The Sun Times quotes a source who says Pattinson is "horrified" that Stewart took such a step because he's a "very, very proud man" and:

"The two of them had this very specific personal agreement about not ‘going public’ with their relationship, until they both agreed it was the right time. To do it this way - apologizing for cheating on him - ended up being totally unacceptable."

Is there any hope at all for Robsten? It's too early to say, although Robert has reportedly packed up and moved out.

The insider claims Pattinson is trying to remain in seclusion so he can "digest it all," but his stance on the public apology is clear:

“'She only had to call two people,'" Rob supposedly said afterward. ""Me and [Liberty Ross, Sanders’ wife].”

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Candlelitelady: your words hit my heart. My husband also cheated. I FOREGAVE, and never regretted it. He passed sometime after, I was glad I forgave, because life without him would have been more regretful, painful, and a loss. I was a good person, did not understand cheating either, but knew that pride usually kills your soul, with a false sense of right and wrong. Love people share can survive anything IF you try, work at it, and begin again. Please begin again.


What I wanna know is why some reports say she apologized cause he asked her to because he'was humiliated and she agreed to do anything tom make it right and others say he's horrified she apologized in public. Anyone know the real story?


I'm sad for Rob. Rob seems like a sensitive man and those are hard to find! Kristen should never have made such a public mess of this by making that statement. Her actions were wrong, but let's stop with the name-calling of women! Rupert's actions were wrong because he is a married man, and his wife and children will have to deal with that public embarrassment forever!


In regard to what Phantompoet stated...Thank you..your statement in regard to his relationship with Niki Reed is sooo true. I remember reading all the tabloid news about that but yet he was sooo into Kristen as well. I personally think they both need to get over themselves and get real! Here are two young people who for all they try (but are failing misserably) are playing house and are now constantly in the public eye with talk of upcoming marriage and Babies....really??? They both need to take a step back and regroup. Twilight has been a huge success but doesn


This wouldn't have happened
if not for that fact that Robert Pattinson
forced distance between himself and Kristin Stewart
with his nasty farts!


Some of you people kill me and while I LOVE Rob... he isnt anyone to talk about cheating... he was dating Nicki Reed (OF TWILIGHT) when he started to fall for Kristin Stewart and things started getting real with them as Bella and Edward way before he broke it off with Nicki Reed so really, Kristin kissing that director is just as bad as what Rob did with her to Nicki Reed... just sayin' dont be a hypocrite


Robert, never bend your beliefs , stay true to yourself ! Life was never promised to be easy but, we all have to makes choices and sometimes they aren't the easiest ones . Lord knows girls fall all over you. I have two right her with me . Just follow what your head and heart says and don't do what unthink others want. Good luck dear


why people dont remember before making mistake
that there is some one thats ur min all the world fo him
or how much it hurts to breack some one trust
this is such a bitch mass


Leave them all alone....You'd be amazed what you'd do if someone very hot, talented, older, seductive had the hots for you. It happens. In fact, I believe it happens more than not. People just aren't wired to be monogamous. They force themselves, but they are not biologically wired at all to be faithful. The only thing I find fault with, with Kristen is going to the press about it. It's no bodies business if Rupert boned her or not. You jump up and down on couches when you love someone and want to share it with the world....NOT when you cheated on your boyfriend or wife.


Will people stop judging her.
She made a mistake and was misinformed on how to correct it.
I truly hope they work things out, they seemed to have alot in common.

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