Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart: Did They Have Sex?

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Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders made it to first base, that much cannot be denied.

Each has apologized for his/her actions and photos of the actress and director make it clear they were engaged in a game of tonsil hockey.

Kristen Stewart in San Diego
Rupert Sanders Photo

But an exclusive Gossip Cop report backs up Stewart's labeling of her dalliance as a "momentary indiscretion," stating the star and her Snow White and the Huntsman director only "kissed passionately."

They NEVER HAD SEX, a source tells the site.

This clearly doesn't get either completely off the hook. But will the information be enough for fans to ease up a bit on Kristen? Will it mean Sanders remains with his wife and two children? And, most importantly to Twihards, will it cause Robert Pattinson to turn around and move back in?

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out their problems in whatever context that may be. There is always more than what meets the eye. It's time the media and public at large develop a moral conscience based on principle rather than believe things they have not personally witnessed. To focus primarily on the negative invites chaos and disrupts the lives of those involved. Hollywood is famous for creating drama and hysteria. It is often the cause of suicide and drug overdose. Tinsel Town is not all it's cracked up to be. It can be unkind, selfish and pompous with expectations that are unrealistic. We should never pretend that these people are larger than life. Marilyn Monroe was a classic example of that tragedy.


She is a shitting slut, dey r actors an dey mayb saints on screenplay but dey r totally d opposite in real life! Rob is a nice guy an he shud dump dat stink whore...


You guys are pathetic ..Your the downfall of our world.. POS chumps, its like your a bunch of buzzards scavenging on other peoples problems..How does that even remotely sound like a good wy to live your life... In other words you are a bunch of worthless shits who dont deserve to even have any pleasures in life because you take them for granted and would rather worry about celeb news lo... Get A FU*KIN Life.. Geez


the pics potrays a slut,rob sud move on


Thenk god plze safe him save her for me i love her i realy want thant she always happy rahe thats it god


Thenk god plz save kristen for me :-) i realy love her from my heart god.....


Kristen is hot as hell. She didn't bang the dude, people need to get over this shit! I hope Pattinson doesn't reconcile with her! I'd like to see her whore herself around Hollywood for a nice period of time and then have a sex tape eventually leaked!


wow. wow. wow. wow. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!ive never ever ever seen a sexyer guy!where have you been all my life?!?!?!?!?!i used 2 think that the three top pelope in my life were me, myself, and i. then, i watched twilight!


Honestly who really cares. If the celebs them self don't care we shouldn't. This is all the media wants is attention and with you all giving them the attention they just gain more power. So again Who Cares...

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