Jessica Sanchez: Phillip Phillips Deserved to Win American Idol

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Upon winning American Idol last night, Phillip Phillips dissolved into tears and hugged his parents. It was a beautiful, pure moment of happiness.

But, moments prior to that celebration, Jessica Sanchez treated viewers to a lovely moment herself: expressing true pride and satisfaction when her opponent's name was called.

"I really think that Phillip deserves to win and I'm so happy for him," Sanchez told reporters after all was said and done, adding of Phillip: "He has his funny side and his humble side and he's just an amazing, original artist."

The same is true for Sanchez, who may have lost, but who was involved in what most consider the best performance of the evening: a duet with Jennifer Holliday on "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." Watch, be amazed and wish this runner-up luck now:



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I meant to say both Phillip and Jessica are humble, but Phillips name was omitted in my previous mail.


I would say they are both talented singers. With different singing styles. So when it comes to that what should be the deciding factor should be the vocals and to my opinion Jessica's vocals in terms of range, tone, control Jessica is more talented. Unfortunately this ends up being a popularity contest rather than of best singing talent. I do not support racism or racial polarization. It divides and hurt people. Both Jessica are humble and I like their humility they demonstrated. Phillip I believe you're a great guy but don't and never will bash you simply because I believe Jessica's vocals are better in my opinion.


Excelente presentación....


AI management wants a male singer coz it would be more profitable to them. They don't need to keep an artist that long coz they'll have one every year. And Phillip Phillips is more saleable today coz they know how their viewers are dominated by bitches and teeny sluts. We've seen how they manipulated the voters with that last grand production by Phillip over the boring one by Jessica. I'm a fan of AI but 5 years is enough! I'll not watch next season that's for sure!


The latest AI result was outrageous, AI fabricated their AI winner and made the viewers appeared to be stupid. For obvious reason, they got the wrong winner. This was completely a turn-off, viewers were not just americans but global people from all walks of life who are far more educated. What a shame! I wonder if the AI people can still sleep out of their guilt.


First time my singer won since Jordin Sparks. Sorry for Jessica followers coz I've been there, but Phillip really was the talent of the year. There are so many singers like Jessica & I don't really feel she can hold her own with the good ones, but if she was good enough she would have won. Jordin did, Carrie did, Kelly did.


to each his own. the best man won. remeber jessica was saved by the judges


All of the doctor of voice lesson agree that Jessica Sanchez is the winner of AI but unfortunately, because of American Idoits is not we believe that this prestigious singing contest is not deserve to have more viewers to come coz its a scam the true winners is not mention to the finale what a sad competition that i experience in AI one thing i learn i am not expecting to be one excellent singer to be winner its planted and they know who will be the winner eventhough no competition.READY MADE DECISION MAKING IT IS FINISHED................PEACE ON EARTH MORE POWER JESSICA SANCHEZ YOUR ARE MY UNIVERSE IDOL THE ONE AND ONLY NO OTHER THAN....PLEASE REMINDED BOYCOT THIS TV SHOW ALL FANS OF AMERICAN IDOITS HA HA HA HA ...........


as predicted, the cute white boy won. females & gay men shouldn't even bother to audition for this show. jessica and joshua sang circles around the cute white boy to no avail.


i think Jessica Sanchez should have won she is young and sings beautiful i want to be just like her!!!!!!!! it just proves anybody can sing!

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