New Breaking Dawn Posters: Forever...

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The Dark Knight Rises, The Twilight Saga will see your new TV spots and raise you a trio of exciting posters for Breaking Dawn Part 2.

The film comes out on November 16, 2012, which is clearly stated on all three photos - but we understand if you miss those numbers, considering the faces also featured below: Those of Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Click through and ogle away now:

Taylor Lautner Breaking Dawn Poster
Bella Breaking Dawn Poster
Robert Pattinson Breaking Dawn Poster

We're still a couple months away from major promotional efforts revving up in honor of this final installment, but Summit Entertainment has at least unveiled a teaser Breaking Dawn trailer that depicts Bella as a vampire.

Look for the cast to be on hand this July at San Diego Comic-Con and for THG to be live with a full report. Until then, take comfort in the simple tagline on these posters.

The saga will last, in our hearts, forever.

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