Jessica Biel Can't Trust Justin Timberlake, Tabloid Implies

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Can Jessica Biel trust Justin Timberlake?

That is the simple question posed by a celebrity gossip tabloid who tried to paint him as a cheater even though no credible evidence ever existed that he was.

After breakups and makeups, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got engaged over the holidays. The couple of four and a half years will soon make it official!

While the notoriously private pair never flaunts or discusses their relationship, there was never any indication that JT stepped out on his girl. Yet we get this:

Justin Timberlake-Jessica Biel Us Cover

Seriously, why does Us Weekly hate Justin Timberlake of all people?

Is it a personal grudge? Even IF he cheated on Jess, which they really want you to believe, but is likely untrue, they got back together and got engaged.

Even in that alternate universe, they would have patched things up and moved on, happily. There would likely not be "an ultimatum" before he proposed.

Odds these friends who "worry he'll break her heart" actually exist? Slim to none. JT and/or NSync must have snubbed Us like 15 years ago or something.

Here's a look at some of their past work slamming Justin. No other weekly in recent years has done so with anywhere near this kind of regularity:

Did He Break Her Heart?
Justin Caught Cheating?
Justin and Jessica OVER!
Justin's Revenge Romance!
Justin Timberlake BETRAYAL!

Not only is he a serial cheater, he has kept (at least 1) other woman on a string for many years, and has 2 illegitimate children (one while cheating on Britney, the other while with Cameron) -with yet another woman that he keeps tucked away in TN & pays A LOT of $$$ to. This guy's gots a lot of skeletons in his closet, which is why he's so cagey about his personal life. Jessica ultimately doesn't care because her career beyond 7th Heaven wouldnt exist without him. Think or say what you want, the truth will be out someday.


Justin Timberlake won't give Us Weekly the time of day unlike alot of other celebrities who are apparently afraid they'll get the same kind of treatment. Thats why Us Weekly hates Justin. Any person with half a brain would know had Justin cheated as much as they imply there would be some evidence. There's never been even one picture, or one girl coming forward. They're full of bull.

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