Justin Timberlake Accused of "Rampant Affairs," Blindsiding Jessica Biel

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One week ago, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel "mutually decided to part ways."

The harsh truth, or at least what Us Weekly wants you to believe? Quite different.

Timberlake was "miserable," and "aggressively trying to end things" the tabloid claims, as he "hasn't been happy with Jessica for close to two years."

Even worse, this source says, is how he decided to finally cut her loose ...

Did He Break Her Heart?

After his birthday earlier this year, "He just said he didn't want to marry her and it didn't feel right," and to Jessica Biel, that "just stung in the heart."

Really? Is that so bad? Isn't that actually just honest? The Us story gets even shadier when it says JT "didn't come clean about his rampant affairs."

He "didn't admit" the cheating with Olivia Munn, among others, "even though we all knew it," the insider says. Uhh, does anyone really believe this?

We don't know Justin personally, and sure, it's possible he cheated on Jessica. But there's never been any remotely credible report of such behavior.

Just saying, flirting with Mila Kunis is a far cry from being a cheating cad.


ver since he dated britney spears he cheats on women thats why he don't last his relateships jessica is way better without him i can't believe she went out with him


they never seemed right together anyway


oh so flirtin is only when u stick a dick up someones fanny or ahole? seriously people u can hav a relationship without sex and that would be jus as passionate, so yes, flirtin is concidered cheatin, bcuz i done it to my ex, so i know what that is. and i never banged or kissed but it wouldnt change anythin if u r inlove w another person outside ur relaitonship. so really, the writter of this article is obviously quite inmature in the ways of the relationships.. pshhh


Justin is cool like that,it's hard to cut a girl loose when she loves you a lot. He has a big heart, he just finally had to tell the truth and the truth hurts sometimes. By the way Justin has nothing but skills in everything he does. So don't be a hater. DREW.


This Timberlake is such a douche. I don't even understand why he's famous. He is a crappy actor, and a marginal singer. Lastly he was in a Boy band. How queer is that.


Whateve! She knew what he was up to the whole time, she just didn't want to admit it. That is why she tried to keep him on a short leash but he's a playa!
Play on playa!

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