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Brett Favre destroyed the Minnesota Vikings’ title aspirations two years ago after an ill-advised pick. Now people have a bone to pick with his sister, Brandi Favre, after destroying their house by running an ill-advised METH LAB NEXT DOOR.

Brandi was arrested in a massive meth bust in Mississippi last year, and the couple living next door to the alleged meth lab run by the female Favre claims the fumes from the manufacturing process have wreaked havoc on their home.

The couple claims a meth screening company detected “widespread meth contamination” in their home right after Brandi Favre’s January 2011 arrest.

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In any case, the neighbors say they spent five months living elsewhere as their home was returned livable condition – inconvenient and expensive.

The couple is now suing Brandi and her alleged accomplices for unspecified damages. Favre’s case is still pending before a grand jury in Mississippi.

Experts recommended the entire place be cleaned after living next to Brandi, which makes you wonder about the health of people who actually put meth in their bodies.

As for Brett’s efforts to put himself inside Jenn Sterger, that went about as successfully as Brandi’s meth operation … only 20 times funnier.