Brandi Glanville Leaves Eddie Cibrian Over Affairs with LeAnn Rimes, Scheana Marie Jancan

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Brandi Glanville has left husband Eddie Cibrian, with whom she has two kids, Mason, 6, and Jake, 2. She has confirmed this, as well as the reason why.

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    I understand why he left her! Listen to her talk for 5 minutes.


    Wow. Just how stupid is this guy, his wife looked sweet and besides Brandi is smoking hot and cute as well. Talk about a mistake and how will the kids fair in all this...


    Wow!!! Brandi is so much better off she is beautiful!!! Has an amazing body as ive seen recently on tv and in the mags. Team Brandi!!!!!


    I Seriously could not believe Eddie Left His Beautiful Wife & Mother of his Children For Leann Rimes! I know their both to blame in this sitution but Leann Rimes just ticks me off! She looks like an ugly drag queen! & Leann Karma is a bitch & you will get what comes to you! Soon Eddie will be done with you too and hopefully you will be alone long enough to realize what you have done, apologize to Brandi & maybe Dean will take you back because he's more your level anyway!


    They both deserve each other. A relationship based on lies has no chances of survival. LeAnn- Karma is a B#%#%! Eddie is going to turn around and do the SAME thing to you.....Walk out on you with a new girl.....


    I can't believe he would leave her for LeAnn Rimes. Brandi is beautiful!


    If I was a man and married to her I could never cheat on her she is hot as is he.Why would he cheat on her she is so Hot. But never knows why a person would cheat on their partner whether married or not. Cheating is wrong get a devoce if you no longer love your wife and what play.As for that guy saying he hopes he gets aides. DON'T ever say that not matter if you hate the person or not. Don't wish that on anyone. I though he was so sexy loved him on CSI. I liked Leann to but not any longer. Whey did she marry her husband? She going to cheat find a unattrached man don't mess with a married man.Even if her husband turned out to be gay. Why did marry a gay man? She should never had cheated on him with another man even though Eddie is hot. I am sorry he is a womanizer and a cheat. No longer a fan of his. But I will keep watching CSI NY. Too bad HE is on it.To bad Eddie is a skank too.




    hope he gets aids.

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