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A review of six video clips shot by the perv who secretly videotaped ESPN reporter Erin Andrews naked and walking around her hotel room may suggest that the perpetrator may be connected with her coverage of sports events.


Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron
  • Four of the hotel video clips were shot in the same place.
  • Two of the clips, meanwhile, were from a different hotel.
  • The furniture in the two rooms is different, and in hotel #1, the peephole used to film Andrews is round, while in hotel #2, the peephole is jagged.

The first set of videos show Erin Andrews nude, curling her hair and looking into a mirror. In the second set of clips, Erin is also naked, but she’s ironing.

An extremely upset Erin Andrews does not know where she was filmed and the person or persons shopping the pics and videos for profit is still at large.

But the videos raise the suspicion that it was an inside job by someone familiar with her schedule – and possibly even traveling on the road with the reporter.

Her lawyer and ESPN are hunting down the losers responsible for the invasion of privacy of a beautiful, talented woman who had no idea she was being taped.

We have seen a couple of clips and nude Erin Andrews pictures from the tape(s), but will not post them out of respect for Erin, who is the victim of a crime.

Now, if she wants to pose in Playboy someday, that would be different …