Brandi Glanville to LeAnn Rimes: Quit Stalking Eddie Cibrian!

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Eddie Cibrian cut ties with his Lifetime movie costar LeAnn Rimes two months ago - after their alleged steamy affair was exposed - but his wife, Brandi Glanville, says the country star can't let go of her obsession with her husband.

"LeAnn is a stalker," Glanville says bluntly. "She refuses to leave us alone - it is both shameful and scary. People are going to say it takes two to tango and I get that, but at some point LeAnn needs to stop asking him to dance."

Brandi Glanville alleges that LeAnn Rimes (who was caught, on video, out on a date with Eddie Cibrian in March) intentionally tracked down her husband at the L.A. Lakers-Houston Rockets NBA playoff game back on May 17.

That incident was a couple of weeks after Eddie changed his phone number to end what Brandi called LeAnn's "constant texting and calling."

Glanville, a model, insists she's not a scorned wife: I'm a happy wife fighting for what I have," adds the mother of Mason, 6, and Jake, 2.

Eddie Cibrian, Brandi Glanville

Rumors that Eddie Cibrian was doing LeAnn Rimes surfaced in March, and Brandi Glanville seems to admit as much, but all seems peachy between the two now.

The wife of Eddie Cibrian says the chief motivation of LeAnn Rimes - herself married to Dean Sheremet - and her "disgusting" behavior is the limelight.

"LeAnn is so desperate for fame she has left her self-respect in the gutter and doesn't care who she hurts to get what she wants," Brandi charges.

"She's hurting my family and messing with the wrong mom."

A rep for LeAnn Rimes did not comment on her client's alleged affair with Cibrian or the stalking rumors, but a source close to the star says:

"Eddie and Brandi are both on the record on this and LeAnn has kept quiet, so what does that tell you about who is after fame and press?"


Two years later I think everyone sees who the fame WHORE is LEANN RIMES


I can't stand Leann Rimes! What's so great about her ? Brandi has the right to be mad bitter whatever she wants because that is one fup situation! And for people to say she's bitter wouldn't you be if that happened to you! She has the right to speak to the tabloids WTF people think she needs to sit back and say nothing I don't think so speak your mind and say what you feel. There is a good man out there for her....... Once a cheater always a cheater sooner or later he will get tired of Leann and cheat on her too!


Well that's what happens when a woman throws it in a mans face Opal. Men are very weak for the most part & can't say no to something strange. Even when they have a drop dead gorgeous wife like Eddie does. It's actually very sad.


why would he do such a thang like that in the first place he looks so hot and he has kids to worry about not with leann rimes so please doing this are your kids are going to be mad at u. but dont worry i love all your shows


I couldn't agree more with christablue32!! What did Brandi do anyway besides look gorgeous - her husband went with another woman - a woman who was obviously persuing him and they are both at fault - I knew Rhimes was extremely talented and famous but didn't know she was a cheater and the type who would encourage another to do the same. Not very nice LeeAnne!!! But he is such a gorgeous man that I might do the same, lol (jk). I think Eddie just wants security (sorry Eddie) with all that dough Rhimes has becasue he never seems to get the good acting gigs. He's truly a jerk and I alway had a huge crush on him!! He has ruined my fat crush on him. But it does make me feel better that because of this he is not the greatest catch afterall - right Brandi??


I think Brandi is Beautiful and all she was trying to do was keep her family together and be a good Mom., Doesnt anybody stay faithful anymore? Does commitment mean anything? Shame on you LeAnn and Eddy!!!! My Heart goes out to Brandi, the Kids and Dean.


Oh Lordy...what next martians are having an affair with my hubby...LeAnn Rimes is taking the high road which I think everyone should take, because if other celebs follow in LeAnn's example normal everyday people would finally get some peace from all of this nonsense...I do not care if Jodie Foster is Gay or Lindsay Lohan is gay but not gay and if Jon & Kate are seperated and the OctoMom is getting lip injections...WHO CARES>>>There are Kids being kidnapped, killed & serial killers that are still at large from murdering 9 people 19 years ago-&-then there are stories of Kids making a positive difference, adults making positive difference also there are celebs, sports celebs doing the right things for communities and the world that you people don't talk about because it is not interesting...JUST STOP IT>>>all of you people who report on this needs to go to a shrink or get a real job of waiting on someone or picking up the garbage you create...


The truth of the matter is your husband cheated on you and your not going to leave him because then you would have nothing. This is your way to try and look like a victim instead of an idiot. Let's be real he's still communicating with Rimes and your just afraid he might leave you along with his lifetime movie salary.


Well said Kim. LeeAnn is far more famous than these two will ever be and she could care less about more of it unlike Eddie's wannabe wife.


PLEASE!!!! Brandi, give it up, LeeAnn is not trying to seek fame, she has it. She's had it since she was 14!! She's a singer, a star, what are you - oh, a model whose washed up and now a bitter wife because YOUR husband cheated!! Sell it to him that your upset, not all of us. Leave it to your husband to settle this behind the tabloids not you trying to seek YOUR fame!

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