Simon Monjack and Brittany Murphy Want to Start Family, Decry Celebrity Gossip Blogs

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Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack, her alleged screenwriter husband, are weeks away from celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Now Simon has set his sights on another milestone: Cleaning out Brittany's accounts and fleeing to South America Starting a family!

Mr. & Mrs. Monjack

At a W Magazine-Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art gala, Monjack, 38, told People: "Please God, next year [we're] having a family!"

"Yes! Yes!" chimed in Brittany Murphy, 30.

"In about a year" they plan to have children. But, joked Simon Monjack (a.k.a. Con-jack) "apparently, according to the Internet, I already have several!"

Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack already have endured plenty of scrutiny - via, as they put it, "the blogs" - over their seedy relationship.

"All these ridiculous people have come out and said all this nonsense when we got married, [but] thank god we had the substance and the history within that to [say], 'Yeah, whatever!'" says Monjack, renouncing celebrity gossip and noting that he's been friends with Brittany Murphy, he claims, since she was 17.


"We still don't understand what happened. It's made us laugh, it's made us cry, but it's made us stronger," he added.

Kanye West would be proud.

Brittany Murphy's #1 solution for dealing with all the negativity: getting bad plastic surgery on her lips. Just kidding. Her strategy is no celebrity gossip!

"We did stop using the Internet lately. No blogs. We're a blog-free couple!"


SIMON, you actually dismiss your daughter in pupblic with such a cavalier remark? too bad her mother doesn't fight you for child support? and you have no conscience whatsoever. U like posing for those pix with Brittany though and like the fact that you were able to wean her away from the internet? Can't wait to be a sperm donor next year? we are all watching will self destruct...evil people get their deserts but they end up taking innocent people with them unfortunately. Condesension will get you everywhere until your greencard comes in the mail...


I know the guy. He is dishonest scum. Ripped off a female friend of mine of all her money. He lies as a way of life. I feel sorry for BM. She has hitched her wagon to a dung truck.


OF course they are "blog free". He has to keep her away from anything that could make her doubt all of his insane he does NOT have a daughter? Did he make her disappear? Simon needs his Green Card BADLY! So, Brittany, when was the last time he took you to London to introduce you to all his friends and past life? NEVER...he can't..he has no friends and a lot of people wanting money from him from his scams...what does he do all day besides obsess about BM and tell her what to do? He has never worked in his life and has no money. BM, wake up!


Won't be long now... count down to meltdown begins after the control freak ruins her looks, dress sense, sense of self-worth, opinions, choices, outlook, work, more confused feelings, shoots=frustration and public humiliation to follow shortly.......
Seek out his past connections and family he tries hard to avoid Brit, before you lose it all....


So now he is denying he has a daughter in sad is that! BM must be brainwashed and co-dependent, he is after her money and Green Card only. He does not work, has no talent (except as a Con Artist) and has never paid alimony for his lovely daughter (although he used to brag that he raised her on his own). No small wonder he wants to keep her away from blogs! Sad the parasite is still living it up in LA.

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