Bad Plastic Surgery Watch: Brittany Murphy

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We blame Angelina Jolie.

Ever since Shiloh's mom became a star, actresses seem to think they need to get themselves some DSL. And we're not talkin' high-speed Internet here.

Rest in Peace Brittany

Seriously, WTF is the deal with surgically enhanced lips? They're not even attractive! You hear that, Jessica Simpson? Heidi Montag? Anyone?

Ranting aside, we present Brittany Murphy. Look at those things. Call us crazy, but we thought Brittany Murphy was sort of cute at one point. Now? [shiver]

Even Simon Monjack has to be wondering what he's doing with her. Besides looking to steal her millions, change his name and move to Grand Cayman.

Nice lips, girl... not. Yuck! Our only guess here is that Brittany Murphy is planning to try out for the next season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. 

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i think her old face is more better than now...