Paris Hilton Lies About Drug Use, Denies Criminal Past

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We always knew Paris Hilton liked lying... down for Stavros Niarchos.

But, based on her interview with Larry King last night, it's evident the lawbreaking princess also likes lying about her past. For example, Hilton's response when King asked if she'd ever taken drugs?

Ready to Party


Hmmm, really Paris?

Aside from that little fib, the woman who asked for more sympathy than Lily Allen complaining about celebrity gossip actually admitted that there were perks to jail.

"It was nice to be away from all the flashes for a while," Paris said, referring to those annoying paparazzi that dare to follow her to Hyde and other Hollywood hot spots.

Paris Hilton started lying to Larry King before she even opened her mouth last night.

At least Hilton was able to give the public with profound pieces of advice, such as "don't serve the time; let the time serve you." Got that, soon-to-be-jailbird, Nicole Richie?

Then, there were these nuggets: Hilton said she spent time in jail reading the Bible - but she couldn't tell King a favorite passage; she doesn't think she's a criminal, despite that whole parole violation and prison sentence thing.

So in conclusion, Paris Hilton is back to being the drain on society we've come to know and loathe. But what kind of celebrity gossip world would we live in if this were not the case?


"Smoking a little pot is the same as doing hard drugs. " My son was in juvenile drug court for marijuana use. When he was using "pot", he wasn't aware of what he was doing. He allowed a kid he knows to use his car- who was also "using", the kid totalled his car. This is just ONE episode that happened while he was using this substance. So don't go into whats "hard" and not "hard" with drug use. If it alters the mind when used- your not even cognitive of your choices.


Criminal past? wtf? Smoking a little pot at a party occasionnally is NOT the same as doing hard drugs - get over yourselves already. Paris Hilton handled the interview quite well and now,, 2 months later, worldwide interest in PH is higher than ever. She is here to stay.


YOU ARE DISGRACE BECASE YOU KNOW THAT YOU STARTED Lindsay Lohan in to doing drugs and because kids look up to you so do parents and adluts do to so stop doing drugs so you won't kill your body when your older!!!!!!!!


Thank You for stating the truth. Paris Hilton is a waste of space. My ultimate dream is to see Paris arrested again for DUI, (which should happen any day now) and go through this all again. Of course all of her drones will be lining up to condemn the Justice system for profiling against socialites. It amazes me that Americans tolerate such a useless human being while their young men are giving their lives in war.


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