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Nice try, hiccups! You may want to set your sights on a different young man in the future!

Over the past several months, The Hollywood Gossip has shared with our readers a number of memorable national anthem performances.

But most of these performances were memorable for all the wrong reasons; such as Minnie Driver flubbing a couple lines of our country’s theme song… or Aaron Lewis getting the words all wrong.

This is not the case with the following video, however.

From our friends at My Fanatic, it features a seven-year old boy singing the Australian national anthem prior to an Australian Baseball League game.

After realizing that the Australian Baseball League is a thing that actually does exist, we then honed in on the impressive vocal range of thing young man.

Along with his perseverance and bravery. We’re nit kidding.

Nearly as soon as he opens his mouth, the boy is unfortunately hit by a wave of hiccups… and we all know how it feels when this happens.

You feel utterly powerless. You are at the mercy of the almighty, and so very annoying, hiccup. You try and you try, but you can’t do anything about it.

Still, that does not stop this boy from completing his mission.

It’s funny to watch him sing through the hiccups, but it’s also inspiring. We could all learn a lesson or two about life from this footage, don’t you think?

Don’t scoff. We’re serious.

Watch now and see if you agree: