The Walking Dead Trailer: Negan is Here!

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It's okay to breathe now.

The Walking Dead Season 6 killed off another character on Sunday night, while leaving viewers wondering about the fate of many other favorites.

But it also bid farewell for a few months, as the AMC smash is now on hiatus until February.

Not long after the midseason finale aired, the network ran a two-minute teaser for what fans can expect from The Walking Dead in 2016.

Or, to be more accurate, for WHO fans can expect to see from The Walking Dead in 2016.

The footage features Daryl, Sasha and Abraham being stopped on the road by a group of bikers, the leader of whom calmly tells the survivors to exit their vehicle, saying:

“We will end your asses, split you right in two, straight through to the sinuses."

This trio of heroes abides, but they are then confused when the biker says that everything they own isn’t theirs anymore.

Who does it therefore belong to, Sasha asks?

“Your property now belongs to Negan,” the nemesis replies, making a reference to a notorious villain from the Robert Kirkman comics on which The Walking Dead is based.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cast in this role, though he doesn't appear as Negan in the preview.

AMC is no doubt waiting to unveil him in February, as Negan is the leader of a group of survivors who refer to themselves the Savior. 

In the comics, he kills Glenn within moments of meeting him.

Check out the frightening scene below and remember that you can watch The Walking Dead online via TV Fanatic at any time during this hiatus.

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