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Wendy Williams has gone all Wendy Williams on us again.

The talk show host – who loves nothing more than to slam celebrities without having any facts to back up her outlandish opinions – has once again set her sights on Taylor Swift.
Photo via Wendy Williams Show

Having already bashed Swift as the Queen of Mean last year, Williams delved into the ongoing Selena Gomez-Katy Perry-Orlando Bloom love triangle on Friday morning…

… and somehow blamed the scandal on Swift.

First, a refresher: Earlier in the week, photos surfaced on TMZ of Selena getting quite cozy and comfortable with Bloom at a party in Las Vegas following one of her concerts.

This is interesting for a number of reasons, the main one being that Bloom is dating Perry.

It’s also worth noting that Bloom and Justin Bieber once came to blows because Bieber allegedly hooked up with Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr.

And Bieber has quite the dating history with Gomez as well.

So there’s a lot of background here and many dots to connect… and it’s worth mentioning that both Gomez and Perry have denied anything romantic is going on between Selena and Bloom.

Okay, so that brings us back to Williams.

Around the 12:20 mark of the video below, she says "I don’t think Selena really wants Orlando, because in my mind, she’s already been there and done that."

She’s referring to previously (debunked) rumors that Gomez and Bloom have gotten hot and heavy in the past.

But, fine, whatever. That’s a harmless viewpoint to take.

“But Selena is best friends with Taylor Swift," Williams then explains. "And Taylor is low-key mean girl, doesn’t want to see anybody get anything."

Wendy then quickly goes over the much-publicized Swift-Perry feud before somehow determining the following:

"Katy, you need to be looking at your man, and not Selena. Selena was sicced on him by Taylor Swift. Taylor is just a [bitch]."

We put bitch in brackets because Williams basically mouths the word without saying it.

So… just to try and follow this line of reasoning:

According to Wendy Williams, Selena Gomez does not have an interest in Orlando Bloom. She only made out with him because Taylor Swift told her to… because Swift wanted to get back at Perry.

Ignoring the ridiculous and wild speculation at play here, know who this is really insulting? Selena Gomez!!!!

Wendy is making her sound like Taylor’s puppet.

See for yourself: