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It’s official: Katy Perry and Taylor Swift just don’t get along. 

Back in September, Taylor released a song called “Bad Blood” that was rumored to be about her beef with Katy.

The next day, Katy tweeted a Mean Girls reference that was widely interpreted as a shot at Taylor. 

Both parties have been tight-lipped on the alleged beef, but when asked in a recent Billboard magazine interview if the tweet in question was directed at Taylor, Katy replied simply, “If someone is trying to defame my character, you’re going to hear about it.”

Sounds like it’s on! 

The confirmation couldn’t come at a better time for celebrity feud fans.

Katy is playing the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday, and there have long been rumors that Katy’s performance will include a shot at Taylor.

It seems insane to think that Katy will engage in such pettiness while appearing in front of the largest audience of her career, but astonishingly, when asked about the possible onstage diss by Entertainment Tonight, Katy dodged the question and promised “surprises.”

Yes, it’s possible that Katy will give the most jaw-dropping halftime performance since Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction,” simply by taking a shot at America’s sweetheart, right in the middle of America’s biggest game.

We hope it happens just for the spectacle of such an audacious move, but hey, even if she chickens out, at least Katy’s Marshawn Lynch impression was amazing.