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The following is not the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

It’s not the sort of video we typically share here on The Hollywood Gossip.

But they say that variety is the spice of… and we say that this piece of footage is totally and completely awesome!

It from the National Geographic show “America’s National Parks: Yellowstone,” which we definitely need to now add to our DVR Season Pass.

It features a one-week old bison who gets separated from his mother and who then ends up on the receiving end of a hungry wolf on the prowl at Yellowstone National Park.

The wolf is likely licking its chops upon stumbling across this very young animal, prepared to quickly and easily take him down in just a matter of seconds.

But the baby bison isn’t having it!

He may be on his own, he may have lost his family during a river crossing and he may be stranger on a small gravel island… but he’s got some fight in him!

What happens when the wolf goes in for the kill?

When he attempts to use his powerful jaws to tear open the poor bison’s little throat?

A few moves that the wolf probably didn’t see coming!

Does the bison survive? Does his mother come to his rescue?

Watch to find out, with the wolf-bison confrontation starting around the 2:25 mark of the video below: