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Last week, we got an unexpected preview of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3.

It came in the form of a TMZ video clip that showed Snooki freaking out on her housemates, and well … it looks like the grown-up guidos are still capable of delivering some big-time drama.

Snooki Tears Up

Though to be fair, we guess it was just one housemate in particular who got Snooki’s goat.

Snooks went off on Angelina in an altercation that spilled out of the house and attracted the attention of a neighbor, who filmed the whole thing.

Since it was Angelina who pissed Snooks off, there’s really no need for an explanation.  

But Nicole being one of the most candid reality stars in recent memory, she offered one up anyway.

Snooki at 2018 VMAs

In what’s become a familiar refrain for disgruntled reality stars, Snooki says the situation that producers will portray is not entirely accurate.

“I can’t really tell you what happened, but I’ll let you know that filming the rest of this season, I already had anxiety because I just had a freaking baby, so leaving my 2 month-old to film," she says in the video below.

"And by the way, I went home at night to take care of him, but they’re not gonna play that, so it’s gonna look like I slept there," Snooks adds.

"But leaving the baby all day to hang out with the roomies and go out, it’s just not … it’s not something I do every day… I don’t know, I just had anxiety leaving the baby.”

Makes sense to us.

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Add a little Angelina to that new baby anxiety, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

"And then you know, Angelina giving me crap, because that did happen," sayeth Snooki.

"I can’t tell you what it’s about, but you know, she’s coming at me and in my head I’m thinking — mind you, I had like two bottles of wine — but in my head I’m thinking, ‘I didn’t leave my kids to deal with this high school drama,” she added.

“I got up and I walked out and had a fit.”

On top of all that, it seems Nicole and company have some issues with their new neighbors, which is the kind of news that takes us back to the glory days of Shore.

Take a look: