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Police in Dover, Delaware have now released the audio of Javi’s 911 call.

And it contains some plot twists that no one saw coming.

"I’m trying to get someone out of my house. I’m trying to go to sleep, but they won’t leave," Javi tells the dispatcher. Asked for the identity of the unwanted guest, Javi (who identifies himself by his legal name of Jose) reveals that it’s his 31-year-old sister, Lidia.

“She’s right in front of me,” he responds when asked where his sister is located.

Javi admits that he has a revolver in the house, but says the other party does not have access to any weapons. 

It’s an unexpected turn of events, as it had been widely assumed that Javi called the cops on Lauren.

Still, insiders confirm Lauren was involved in the messy events of that night, and she and Javi are no longer together.

Check out ther audio below: